Scottish Words


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Do you know what a tod is? Or a puddock, a brock or a hoolet?

Primary 1 do – they are Scottish words for a fox, frog, badger and owl!

We have been learning about Scotland and St Andrew this week, and we made “Wee Books O’ Scottish Creatures.”

We watched “The Gruffalo” which has been translated into Scots to help us.

Counting Caterpillar


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We’ve had good fun this week using the Counting Caterpillar to help us order numbers this week.

The leaves at the bottom of the screen have numbers on them. We used counters to mark the numbers on our number lines, then wrote them in order, from smallest to largest, on our whiteboards.


Then we put the leaves in order in the game and watched the caterpillar munching the leaves before turning into a beautiful butterfly!

Why not play the game at home?

(Grown ups will need to set the slider at the beginning – maximum number should be 10 or 20.)

St Andrew’s Day Celebrations


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This week, we have been learning about St Andrew and how St Andrew’s Day is celebrated in Scotland.

We watched this clip from CBeebies.

We used this website to weave some tartan. Please have a go at home – it’s great fun! (The children will need a grown-up to help set it up though.)

We designed our own tartan kilts….with sporrans!
Tartan Kilts on PhotoPeach

And a big “Thank You” to all the ladies in the dinner hall who made us some delicious haggis, neeps and tatties for lunch!

Anti-Bullying Week


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It has been Anti-Bulling Week in Yester.
The children in Primary 1 talked about what a bully might do…

  • Make you feel frightened
  • Hurt you
  • Call you names.

We also said that a Bully would do this lots and lots of times – bullying is different from an argument or falling out with your friend.

In whole class reading, we read about a girl called Rosie, who was being bullied by bigger children. In the text, Wilma told Mrs May. This was the right thing to do – tell an adult.

In writing, we made posters to tell other children in the school what to do if they are being bullied. Our posters showed the different adults you could tell.

Christmas Fayre


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We have been very busy this week making things to sell at our Christmas Fayre (Thursday 27th November 7:00 – 9:00.)
Our P7 Buddies helped us to sew some Christmas Stockings.
Sewing Stockings on PhotoPeach

Our finished stockings look fantastic – hope to see you there!
Christmas Stockings on PhotoPeach

Signalong Christmas


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If you aren’t already singing along to our Christmas Nativity songs at home I’m sure you will be soon! (See previous post for link to songs.)

In addition to learning the words, the children have been using Signalong signs to help communicate their singing. I have made a little slideshow of all the signs required in the different songs. It would be really helpful if you could look at these together and ask your child to show you how the accompany each song. Good luck!



 Christmas Signalong on PhotoPeach

PS – Look out for notes in reading diaries/reading bags/school bags over the next week or so for details of words, parts and costumes!

How Do We Change?


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Today, we have been thinking about birthdays and how people change.
We glued pictures onto a chart to show what we eat, what we can do and what we like to play with changes at different ages in our lives.

For homework, can you ask 3 grown ups some questions about what they like to eat, what they do and their hobbies?

Complete the sheet that is in schoolbags and return to school!

Parent Lunch


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It was great to welcome lots of parents to our lunch hall today.  The children did a fantastic job of showing the grown-ups what to do!

 School Lunch on PhotoPeach

Magical Christmas Journey


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Magical Christmas Journey

We’ve started!

Rehearsals are underway for our Nursery (AM group) to P3 Nativity Play. This year, it is called “Magical Christmas Journey.” There will be 2 ticketed performances at 10:00 and 2:00 on Thursday, 11th December. More details will follow nearer the time.

If you would like to join in the fun, follow this link. It will take you to the Starshine Music website, where you can sing along to the songs the children are learning in class.



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“Remember, remember the 5th of November….”

Primary 1 certainly did that today!

We ordered numbers in firework dot-to-dot puzzles…….we wrote some fireworks poems……and we made these AMAZING fireworks pictures!

 Fireworks Pictures on PhotoPeach

We dipped chalk into a mixture of warm water and sugar. That made the chalk shiny and sparkly.
Next, Lesley helped us to drip glue and put gold glitter on our pictures.
Mrs Jamieson put them on the wall and hung our homework fireworks in front of our pictures.
They look fantastic!