Anti-Bullying Week


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Health and Wellbeing, Literacy | Posted on 22-11-2014

It has been Anti-Bulling Week in Yester.
The children in Primary 1 talked about what a bully might do…

  • Make you feel frightened
  • Hurt you
  • Call you names.

We also said that a Bully would do this lots and lots of times – bullying is different from an argument or falling out with your friend.

In whole class reading, we read about a girl called Rosie, who was being bullied by bigger children. In the text, Wilma told Mrs May. This was the right thing to do – tell an adult.

In writing, we made posters to tell other children in the school what to do if they are being bullied. Our posters showed the different adults you could tell.

Christmas Fayre


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Expressive Arts, Religious and Moral Education | Posted on 22-11-2014

We have been very busy this week making things to sell at our Christmas Fayre (Thursday 27th November 7:00 – 9:00.)
Our P7 Buddies helped us to sew some Christmas Stockings.
Sewing Stockings on PhotoPeach

Our finished stockings look fantastic – hope to see you there!
Christmas Stockings on PhotoPeach