Scottish Words


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Inter-Disciplinary Learning, Literacy | Posted on 28-11-2014

Do you know what a tod is? Or a puddock, a brock or a hoolet?

Primary 1 do – they are Scottish words for a fox, frog, badger and owl!

We have been learning about Scotland and St Andrew this week, and we made “Wee Books O’ Scottish Creatures.”

We watched “The Gruffalo” which has been translated into Scots to help us.

Counting Caterpillar


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Numeracy | Posted on 28-11-2014

We’ve had good fun this week using the Counting Caterpillar to help us order numbers this week.

The leaves at the bottom of the screen have numbers on them. We used counters to mark the numbers on our number lines, then wrote them in order, from smallest to largest, on our whiteboards.


Then we put the leaves in order in the game and watched the caterpillar munching the leaves before turning into a beautiful butterfly!

Why not play the game at home?

(Grown ups will need to set the slider at the beginning – maximum number should be 10 or 20.)