Burn’s Lunch


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On Thursday 29th January, we are having a special Burn’s Lunch at school – haggis, neeps and tatties!

All the children in school are also busy learning Scottish Poems or songs to perform as part of our celebration. The children in Primary 1 are going to recite “Wee Willie Winkie.”

We have spoken about the Scottish words used in the poem and who what Willie Winkie did. We drew lovely pictures to show this.
Wee Willie Winkie on PhotoPeach

School Ceilidh


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Ceilidh on PhotoPeach
Great fun this morning at our school ceilidh!
Every class has been working very hard in PE learning lots of different Scottish dances. The children in Primary 1 and 2 did the Haymakers Dance and the Waterdown Reel. Even the teachers danced the Dashing White Sergeant – Mr Purves was very good at spinning us around!


Noah’s Ark


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This term we are going to be learning about stories from the Bible. We found out that the Bible is a special book for Christian people. The Bible has lots of stories in it.

The first story we listened to was “Noah’s Ark.” We watched this little cartoon to help us understand what happened in the story.


Next, we drew these fantastic pictures showing the animals going onto the Ark in twos.
Noah’s Ark on PhotoPeach