Money Week


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Homework, Numeracy | Posted on 10-03-2015

It’s money Week at Yester this week and today, Primary 1 sorted out bags of coins. We talked about the different ways we could sort the coins – by colour, shape, size and by looking at the numbers on them. We also looked carefully at the different coins using magnifying glasses to help us see the detail.

We found out that the brown coins are called “copper.s” The other coins are silver and gold.

We found out that the lady on one side of the coin is the Queen. She is the only person allowed to make coins in Britain. Coins are made in the Royal Mint. The Queen’s name is Elizabeth the Second.

We found out that there are numbers on coins. The numbers can tell you when the coin was made.

We played this game to help us identify the different coins. We tried to fill the bank with 100 pence – that is the same as £1.00! Why don’t you play at home too?

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