Space Lunch


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Parent Information | Posted on 20-03-2015


To link with our exciting morning keeping up with the solar eclipse, the dining staff are organising a special “Space Themed Lunch” on Wednesday, 25th March.

Moon Landing

Pork sausage, and mashed potatoes

Yorkshire pudding and vegetables

Flying Saucers

Quorn Burgers, wedges and salad

Cosmic Creations

Selection of cakes and cookies

Zoo Lab


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Science, Transition | Posted on 20-03-2015

Great excitement this week when we joined with our Nursery Buddies to see some creatures from Zoo Lab – snake, rat, giant snail, cockroach and toad. Some brave children even held or touched them!

 Zoo Lab on PhotoPeach



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A busy week practising our subtraction! We have used counters and then number lines to help us count backwards to subtract. We have been learning how to record horizontal subtraction calculations in our squared jotters too.

We rolled dice to help use make our calculations and used this fun game too.

For homework, you could play the Rabbit Take Away game and record some calculations on paper. Bring them into school and Mrs Jamieson can out them in your Achievement Book.

Our Organs


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This week, we have been learning about the names of some of the organs in our bodies. We have also been finding out where they are inside us. We watched this little clip to help us.

We have also had fun putting “The Body” back together …