Our Lungs


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Health and Wellbeing, Homework, Science | Posted on 24-03-2015

Great fun this afternoon doing some experiments to find out about the air in our lungs!

We used blow pipes and the air in our lungs to hold a little ball in the air. When we breathed out, air was pushed out of our lungs and then pushed the ball into the air.

Next, we had a competition to see who had the most air in our lungs. We used a cup of water with washing up liquid and a straw to see who could blow the most bubbles. If you have lots of air in your lungs, you will be able to make lots of bubbles.
Blowing Bubbles on PhotoPeach

The children put the straws in their schoolbags afterwards to use for HOMEWORK…..
Next time you have a bath, can you ask Mummy or Daddy to put some bubble bath in the water? Use your straw to blow air into the water and make the biggest bubble mountain in the world!

Please leave us a comment to let us know how you got on. Have fun!