Internet Safety


Posted by Jen Jamieson | Posted in Parent Information | Posted on 28-04-2015

East Lothian ICT Department has asked if we would put this link on our websites. The link should take you to a set of guidelines about Internet Safety and Responsible Use.

 EMPPC – Safer Internet Responsible Use Guidelines – 9-02-15 (v1 2)

Our Senses


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We have been learning about our 5 senses today. We played a game on the big board to help us. The children wanted it to be put on the website so they could play at home….so here it is!

*The children will need an adult to play this game with them as the text is too difficult for them to read alone. The grown-up might like to change the wording a wee bit too!



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One of the challenges in our Body Books is to include measurements of our bodies so this week we are learning all about measuring.
We went outside to measure different parts of the playground. We used our hands and feet to do this.

When we looked at our answers back in the classroom, we noticed that all the answers were different! We decided this was because we all have different sizes of feet and hands. This was not a good way to measure!

Next, we used cubes that were all the same size to measure things. This time, our answers were the same.


Today, the Primary 6 children came to help us take measurements for our body books. They are learning about measuring too. We used tape measures and rulers to do this.




Chocolate Egg and Lunch!


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One of our parents very kindly handed in some chocolate Easter Eggs for the children today. I have asked the children to put them into schoolbags and take them home. They need to ask your permission before they gobble them up!


Just a reminder that the new summer lunch menu starts on Monday, 27th April. The “oldest and only” children should have brought them home some time this week. Please take time to look at them together and discuss choices for your child.


Fun in the Sun!


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The weather has been so nice this week, that we decided to take our handwriting outside!

In the classroom, we practised making some patterns on our wiping boards. We had to draw the scales on the dragon. We need to start at one side of the bard and keep going until we get to the other side….WITHOUT STOPPING! This helps us when we are joining our handwriting together to write a word.

DSCF0929 DSCF0930 DSCF0931

Next, we drew some dragons all by ourselves. We drew them on our whiteboards.

Then we went outside to practise the patterns using chalks. It was a lovely way to learn in the sun!

 Dragons on PhotoPeach

Using Calculators


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Much excitement in Primary 1 this morning when the children found out that they were going to learn how to use calculators to help them add and subtract!

Today, we looked carefully at the way the calculators displayed the numbers and when we typed them. We also learned how to use the “All Clear” button when we wanted to start again.

During the rest of this week, we are going to learn how to use the function keys to solve addition and subtraction calculations.


Welcome Back!


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Hope everyone had a great holiday!

The children seemed pleased to be back in school with their friends and getting back to work.

Just to let you know, there are a few letters in school bags today and if you haven’t sent gym kit back, can you please do so as soon as possible?