Signalong Christmas


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If you aren’t already singing along to our Christmas Nativity songs at home I’m sure you will be soon! (See previous post for link to songs.)

In addition to learning the words, the children have been using Signalong signs to help communicate their singing. I have made a little slideshow of all the signs required in the different songs. It would be really helpful if you could look at these together and ask your child to show you how the accompany each song. Good luck!



 Christmas Signalong on PhotoPeach

PS – Look out for notes in reading diaries/reading bags/school bags over the next week or so for details of words, parts and costumes!

How Do We Change?


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Today, we have been thinking about birthdays and how people change.
We glued pictures onto a chart to show what we eat, what we can do and what we like to play with changes at different ages in our lives.

For homework, can you ask 3 grown ups some questions about what they like to eat, what they do and their hobbies?

Complete the sheet that is in schoolbags and return to school!

Giraffes Can’t Dance…


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But Primary 1 can!

Rhianne (East Lothian’s Dance Teacher) came to work with us today.

First, she read us a story about a giraffe called Gerald, who couldn’t dance. We heard about animals that danced the cha-cha-cha, the tango and the waltz.

Next, we tried out some of the dances…

 Giraffes Can’t Dance on PhotoPeach

Rhianne gave the children some homework…….teach a grown up how to cha-cha-cha!
Good Luck!



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At Yester Primary, we are learning how to communicate using signs from the “Signalong” language programme.

We have a new sign that we learn every day. The children in Primary 1 are brilliant at using them.

Why not ask your child to show you how to make these signs…..the pictures will help. Try to encourage using them around the house! 🙂

 Signalong on PhotoPeach

Whole Class Reading


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Your child should have brought home a yellow Whole Class Reading jotter today.


Every Wednesday, we have a reading lesson which we do together (rather than in reading groups.) The idea of this is to expose the children to a range of texts, so that they learn to read stories, poems and facts that do not include Biff, Chip and Kipper!

Today, we read a postcard from Dinosaur Dan.

  • We looked for keywords (and)
  • We highlighted all the letter “S”
  • We showed Dinosaur Dan how to write the word “I” with a green capital letter pen.
  • We used red pend to mark the full stops.
  • We showed that we understood the text by drawing a picture of what Dinosaur Dan did on his holidays.

Please take a few minutes to look over the text with your child. Encourage him/her to tell you about the circles, highlights and marks. To support this at home, you might want to help your child send a postcard to Granny and Grandad, Aunties and Uncles, friends or even to Primary 1!


I need the jotters in school so I can prepare texts for the next lesson.

Thank you for your support.


Flip-Flop Homework!


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We used flip-flops in number work today – not the shoes, but pieces of paper with teddies on them!


The idea is to fold the paper to show a given number of teddies. There are lots of ways to do this and the idea is to help the children realise the different shapes and patterns quantities can make.

Today, we were thinking about the number 4. Mrs Jamieson asked us to show 4 teddies on our flip-flops. We had to choose the 4 teddies we wanted to show, then fold the paper to hide the extra teddies. We talked about the different ways we can make 4.

For homework this week , can you work with a grown-up to show different numbers of teddies? Please send them back into school by Friday, 19th September. It would be great if you could send in any photos or comments which can be put into Achievement Books!

Writing Our Names


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The children worked extremely hard today writing their names with all the letters linked together.
To help them  to practise, I have sent home a little “Tracing Book” along with a page of instructions. Please spend a few minutes at night helping your child to write their name – you will need to look over their shoulder to make sure the formation is correct! Send the finished books back into school so we can display them.

Big Numbers


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In maths last week and this week, we have been learning about big numbers – how to read them, write them and order them.

Primary 1 have made their very own colour coded 100 squares, which we can use to play games. We have also used “Splat Square” on the big board,

Why not use the Splat Square at home to help you learn about big numbers?


  • the number ……
  • the decade numbers
  • all the forties numbers
  • All the numbers with 7 as the second digit
  • The number before….
  • The number after……
  • The number between……

Colour Explosion


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We did some science experiments this afternoon as part of Science Week.

Mrs Jamieson showed us this exciting video, then we tried the experiment ourselves.
This is something you might want to try at home too. You will need

  • a dish
  • milk
  • food colouring
  • a cotton bud
  • washing up liquid



Mrs Jamieson set us a challenge. We had to colour a paint by numbers picture……but she only gave us red, yellow and blue paint! We had to mix colours together to make green, orange and purple.

Painting By Numbers on PhotoPeach

Walk to School Week


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We have been thinking about how we travelled to and from school today. We recorded the information on a vertical bar graph.

The Yester Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) gave the children a “Walk to School Challenge Booklet.” This should be completed over the week and sent back into school. The children can then get the reward stickers for the booklet and I will copy the certificate to put in their Achievement Book.