Vegetable Faces


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We had lots of fun designing, writing instructions for, making and eating vegetable faces!

First, we looked at different kinds of vegetables. We talked about their names and what we could use them for when we designed our faces.


Next, we drew designs and wrote instructions to make the faces.

We swapped our instructions with our Talking Partners to make the faces. The best bit was eating them afterwards!

 Vegetable Faces on PhotoPeach

Magic Gardens


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A creative classroom in Primary 1!

We watched the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

We talked about what we thought the Giant’s garden might look like. We thought it might have a pond, a bridge, some flowers and trees……and it would be magic!
We got to work making the magic garden.

DSCF1130 DSCF1131


We worked ALL MORNING!

Magic Gardens on PhotoPeach

After a huge tidy, we made diagrams to match our Magic Gardens.

Magic Garden Diagrams on PhotoPeach

Great work Primary 1!

Washing Hands


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Clean Hands on PhotoPeach

We have been learning how to wash our hands properly. We need to know this because we are learning how to keep our bodies clean and healthy. We are also planning to plant, harvest and prepare vegetables, so clean hands are a must!

We used this song to help us today.

We followed the instructions to wash our hands properly. Then we made posters to illustrate the instructions.

I haven’t glued the posters into whole class reading jotters today because I thought the children might like to display them in the house, near a sink.

For homework, the children have been asked to show a grown-up how to wash hands properly.

Have fun!




Fun in the Sun!


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The weather has been so nice this week, that we decided to take our handwriting outside!

In the classroom, we practised making some patterns on our wiping boards. We had to draw the scales on the dragon. We need to start at one side of the bard and keep going until we get to the other side….WITHOUT STOPPING! This helps us when we are joining our handwriting together to write a word.

DSCF0929 DSCF0930 DSCF0931

Next, we drew some dragons all by ourselves. We drew them on our whiteboards.

Then we went outside to practise the patterns using chalks. It was a lovely way to learn in the sun!

 Dragons on PhotoPeach

I Like Me!


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All our whole class reading texts for the next few weeks link with our topic – My Body. We have decided to put these texts into our “Body Books” rather than in our yellow jotters which normally go home. To keep you up to date, I will try to post our text onto the website for you to discuss at home.

Today, we read a poem called “I Like Me!”

We looked for rhyming words, made the word “I” have a capital letter, highlighted words in each line that were the same and discussed why one of the words was written in capital letters. Last of all, we used our signs to help us say the poem. Perhaps your child could teach you the signs at home?


My Body


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We have a new challenge in Primary 1 – to make a fact book all about “My Body.” We need to include facts about our bodies, our skeleton, our organs, our senses and the measurements of our bodies.

This week, we have been finding out about diagrams. They are pictures that give information. A diagram has a picture, labels and arrows pointing to the picture.

We made diagrams about our bodies. First, we had fun singing and doing the actions to a song about our bodies…

Then we made labels to match the pictures. We used arrows to point to the correct part of the picture.
Body Diagrams on PhotoPeach

b and d


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We can look at a picture of the word “bed.” The letters actually make the shape of a bed. We know the first sound in “bed” is “b” so that is the first letter shape. We know that the last sound in the word “bed” is “d” so that is the last letter shape.


We can also make a bed shape with our hands. Our first thumb makes the “b” shape and our other thumb makes the “d” shape. Handy when you want to do a quick check as you’re writing or reading!




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It is World Book Day on Thursday, 5th March.
Just a quick reminder that the children have been invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. Primary 1 children are also going to be working with their Nursery Buddies on Thursday, so could they also bring in their favourite book to share? Don’t forget to put names on books!

Our much anticipated Primary 1 and 1/2 Ceilidh will be taking place on Monday 9th March at 1:30 – 2:50. It would be great to see you there if you can make it! The children can come to school dressed in anything tartan – from full kilt or tartan hair ribbon! We have made tartan rosettes, so everyone will have something to wear on the day.
Make sure you wear footwear suitable for dancing – audience participation required!

Burn’s Lunch


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On Thursday 29th January, we are having a special Burn’s Lunch at school – haggis, neeps and tatties!

All the children in school are also busy learning Scottish Poems or songs to perform as part of our celebration. The children in Primary 1 are going to recite “Wee Willie Winkie.”

We have spoken about the Scottish words used in the poem and who what Willie Winkie did. We drew lovely pictures to show this.
Wee Willie Winkie on PhotoPeach

Scottish Words


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Do you know what a tod is? Or a puddock, a brock or a hoolet?

Primary 1 do – they are Scottish words for a fox, frog, badger and owl!

We have been learning about Scotland and St Andrew this week, and we made “Wee Books O’ Scottish Creatures.”

We watched “The Gruffalo” which has been translated into Scots to help us.