Anti-Bullying Week


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It has been Anti-Bulling Week in Yester.
The children in Primary 1 talked about what a bully might do…

  • Make you feel frightened
  • Hurt you
  • Call you names.

We also said that a Bully would do this lots and lots of times – bullying is different from an argument or falling out with your friend.

In whole class reading, we read about a girl called Rosie, who was being bullied by bigger children. In the text, Wilma told Mrs May. This was the right thing to do – tell an adult.

In writing, we made posters to tell other children in the school what to do if they are being bullied. Our posters showed the different adults you could tell.

Guy Fawkes


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The children were given a “Celebrations” puzzle to solve today – Why do people “Remember, remember the 5th of November?”
They listened to the story about Guy Fawkes and found out why we have bonfires and fireworks on the 5th November every year.

Sparkler Safety


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Mrs Saddler was the teacher today because Mrs Jamieson had some development work to do with Mrs Munro!
The children listened to a story about a little girl called Danielle, who got hurt by a sparkler (see whole class reading jotter.) They dicussed safety rules and made posters to tell people how to keep safe around sparklers.
Sparkler Safety on PhotoPeach
This is a very important lesson for the children. It would be great if you could find time to discuss these safety rules with your child and follow them over bonfire night.

Golden Time Owls


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Apologies for the lateness of the following few posts…….
Parent Council very kindly gave each class some money to spend on Golden Time Activities. To say “Well done!” for completing all the Autumn Challenges, Mrs Jamieson bought some woodland owl kits. We had great fun following the instructions and putting them together.
Thank you Parent Council!
Golden Time Owls on PhotoPeach

Signalong 2


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The children have been working hard to learn more Signalong signs.

I will post a slideshow every couple of weeks or so, showing the signs that the children have been taught. Please encourage your child to demonstrate these signs and try to use them at home. Now we have learned more signs, the children are enjoying putting 2 or more together to make simple sentences.

 Signalong 2 on PhotoPeach

Autumn Challenge 2…


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We opened our second Autumn Challenge envelope today. Dinosaur Dan has asked us to make a non-fiction book about a hibernating animal. He also left us a short film to watch to help us.

 We are very busy writing our non-fiction books – hopefully Mums and Dads will get to see the on Parents’ Night. We are going to read them to our P7 Buddies on Friday too.

 This afternoon, we made model hedgehogs using playdough, pasta shapes, googly eyes tissue and paper plates. We are going to use the photos of them for the front cover of our books.

Hedgehogs on PhotoPeach

Very Proud Teacher!


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Lesley and I were absolutely stunned when we saw the children’s writing today!

If there was ever a case to promote linked writing, the “Dinosaur Stomp” invitations written for P6 today were hard evidence! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how the children were naturally starting to form letters (which haven’t  yet been taught) from the bottom of the line, and in some cases, naturally joining letters together. I sent a copy of your child’s writing home for you to see. Whether the children were overwriting (in orange pen) or underwriting (in black pen) the results were astounding.

Have a look for yourself!

 Dinosaur Stomp Invitations on PhotoPeach

Considering the children have only been in school for a few weeks and have only been taught formation of s,a,t, they have exceeded all expectations – long may this continue! 🙂



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At Yester Primary, we are learning how to communicate using signs from the “Signalong” language programme.

We have a new sign that we learn every day. The children in Primary 1 are brilliant at using them.

Why not ask your child to show you how to make these signs…..the pictures will help. Try to encourage using them around the house! 🙂

 Signalong on PhotoPeach

We Love Reading!


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After a busy week, it’s great to relax in the library with a good book.
We picked books and spent time looking at them with our friends. We used the pictures to help us tell the story and looked for some keywords.
To finish off, Mrs Jamieson read us a story about Hairy Maclary, the dog from Donaldson’s Dairy.

hairy maclary

Learning Areas


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I’m sure the children have told you that their favourite parts of the day are Learning Areas and Golden Time, where they get to “play!”
In fact, the different areas in the classroom are designed to allow the children to practise and reinforce what they have been taught.
…….and here is the proof!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese two boys worked together showing each other how to form letters and join them together. This is what makes my day!