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One of the challenges in our Body Books is to include measurements of our bodies so this week we are learning all about measuring.
We went outside to measure different parts of the playground. We used our hands and feet to do this.

When we looked at our answers back in the classroom, we noticed that all the answers were different! We decided this was because we all have different sizes of feet and hands. This was not a good way to measure!

Next, we used cubes that were all the same size to measure things. This time, our answers were the same.


Today, the Primary 6 children came to help us take measurements for our body books. They are learning about measuring too. We used tape measures and rulers to do this.




Using Calculators


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Much excitement in Primary 1 this morning when the children found out that they were going to learn how to use calculators to help them add and subtract!

Today, we looked carefully at the way the calculators displayed the numbers and when we typed them. We also learned how to use the “All Clear” button when we wanted to start again.

During the rest of this week, we are going to learn how to use the function keys to solve addition and subtraction calculations.




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A busy week practising our subtraction! We have used counters and then number lines to help us count backwards to subtract. We have been learning how to record horizontal subtraction calculations in our squared jotters too.

We rolled dice to help use make our calculations and used this fun game too.

For homework, you could play the Rabbit Take Away game and record some calculations on paper. Bring them into school and Mrs Jamieson can out them in your Achievement Book.

Heads or Tails?


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Lots of careful observation and drawing today as Primary 1 made heads and tails pictures of different coins. What do you think?
Heads or Tails on PhotoPeach

Money Week


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It’s money Week at Yester this week and today, Primary 1 sorted out bags of coins. We talked about the different ways we could sort the coins – by colour, shape, size and by looking at the numbers on them. We also looked carefully at the different coins using magnifying glasses to help us see the detail.

We found out that the brown coins are called “copper.s” The other coins are silver and gold.

We found out that the lady on one side of the coin is the Queen. She is the only person allowed to make coins in Britain. Coins are made in the Royal Mint. The Queen’s name is Elizabeth the Second.

We found out that there are numbers on coins. The numbers can tell you when the coin was made.

We played this game to help us identify the different coins. We tried to fill the bank with 100 pence – that is the same as £1.00! Why don’t you play at home too?

Telling the Time


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We’ve had a busy day learning about telling the time.

We made some clocks to help us!

 Our Clocks on PhotoPeach
We used them to make the different times in this song. Mrs Jamieson gave us our clocks to take home.
Can you work with a grown-up to make all the different times in this song using your clock?

Our Primary 7 Buddies have also been helping us to learn about time.
They took us into the playground and showed us how to play “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” They also helped us to make o’clock times on our clocks and write o’clock times on our worksheets.They even made a matching pairs/snap game for us. We put these games into our schoolbags to play with a grown-up at home too!
What’s the Time Mr Wolf? on PhotoPeach
Thank you Primary 7!



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Lots more hard work on addition this week.
We have been practising recording our calculations vertically in our squared jotters. We have also been using different strategies to help us solve addition problems. We made a big wall display in the classroom to show all the different things we can do to help us add.
Addition Strategies on PhotoPeach

We have used numberlines, finger calculators, number rainbows and addition facts to help us.

Learning to Add


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This week, we got back to work quickly and have been learning all about addition.
We have been using counters, butterfly mats and a brilliant game called “Funky Mummy” to help us.
We used the counters and butterfly mats to lay out our calculations and recorded them horizontally on our whiteboards – and yes, your children are all using these very grown-up mathematical words!

For homework, you might want to try playing the Funky Mummy game. You will need to have some counters and perhaps make a butterfly mat(the children should be able to describe this, if not, just let me know.)
If you record any of the calculations, please send them into school to be put into Achievement Books.
Good Luck!

Counting Caterpillar


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We’ve had good fun this week using the Counting Caterpillar to help us order numbers this week.

The leaves at the bottom of the screen have numbers on them. We used counters to mark the numbers on our number lines, then wrote them in order, from smallest to largest, on our whiteboards.


Then we put the leaves in order in the game and watched the caterpillar munching the leaves before turning into a beautiful butterfly!

Why not play the game at home?

(Grown ups will need to set the slider at the beginning – maximum number should be 10 or 20.)

Number Spiders


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We have been working very hard in maths, learning how to form our numbers properly. This week, we have been practising number 8, which is particularly tricky to write! We listened to a story about an amazing spider with eight legs…..and decided to make our own. Each leg has a different number on it.
Number Spiders on PhotoPeach