All Our Own Work…


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The children have been busy in Learning Areas making things to go into their Body Books – drawings at the easel, cutting out at the writing table and making skeletons using construction materials. Well done everyone!



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Every week, Primary 1 use the school lap-tops. For a lot of children, it’s the most exciting time of the week!
We have been practising hard and can now open the computers and log in with our user name and password. We have been looking at the different applications on the computer and have made these amazing drawings using ActiveInspire (the same application that Mrs Jamieson uses on the big board.)
Our pictures are displayed in the cloakroom.
Computer Drawings on PhotoPeach

Recycling Homework


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The children were given a note about homework today.

We have been looking at ways we reuse, reduce and recycle in our classroom. We want to show the other children in our school what we know about recycling. For homework, can you find 2 pieces of packaging that has the recycling sign on it and bring it into school?

It would be helpful if this could be done by Monday, 12th May.


Money Week


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We have had fun learning about money this week. The alien left us some “metal circles” which we looked at very carefully and made some detailed drawings of them. Mrs Jamieson showed us how to flip a coin and guess if it was going to land on heads or tails! We have money activities at learning areas too and we have learned how to write prices and choose the correct coin to pay for things. In our ICT lesson, we played some money games with our Talking Partner.
Money Week on PhotoPeach
If you would like to play the money games at home, click on the link below.

Using the Lap Tops


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We enjoyed using the lap tops last week. We learned how to open them up and switch them on. We had to put in a user name and password!