Mud Kitchens


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mud kitchen

This term, we are joining with our Nursery Buddies to help them get ready for Primary 1. (If your child came to Yester Nursery, you will perhaps remember similar transition activities last year. These proved invaluable in helping your child prepare for and settle into Primary 1.) We are going to work together to learn outdoors in a mud kitchen! There will be plenty of photos, so make sure you keep checking the website. We will be heading down to the woods every Monday morning, so please send your child to school dressed for playing in mud! They can bring their school clothes in a NAMED bag, and change into them when we have finished slaistering!

In order to extend the Primary 1 learning, we will also be finding out about food, where it comes from, tasting and growing. Let’s hope we have lots of sunny days ahead…..

World Book Day


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We had a great morning! The children in Nursery came to join us to share favourite books for World Book Day.

The Alien also left us his favourite book and some colouring sheets, which we left in the space basket for him. He also gave us some new books for the reading tent.

 World Book Day 2014 on PhotoPeach

Please look out for a Wrold Book Day token, put into schoolbags today. If you take them to a participating shop, the children can swap their token for a free book! Details in the link below…

Chinese New Year


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Our Buddies in the nursery have been finding out about Chinese New Year. They came to work with us this morning to tell us all about their learning.
We watched a short film together.

Next, Mrs Munro told us a story about a Chinese Dragon. We worked with our Buddies to draw our own Chinese Dragons. Mrs Jamieson put the finished dragon pictures into a book so we can look at them together. Primary 1 had an important job to do when we were working together. They had to help the Nursery children find the drawing pens and colouring pens and show them where we put finished work in P1.
Afterwards, we helped our Nursery Buddies use the choosing board to play in learning areas. We had to show them where everything is kept and how we tidy things away when we are finished.
It was a busy morning!
Chinese New Year on PhotoPeach

Burn’s Day


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We worked with our Nursery Buddies this morning.
We found out about Robert Burns and then we sang “Heids, SHooders, Knees and Taes” to our Buddies. The Nursery children told us about the thistle, Scotlands national flower.
We worked with our Buddies to make these braw thistles for our cloakroom.
Burn’s Day Thistles on PhotoPeach

Magic Reindeer Dust


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The Elf on the Shelf asked us to make magic reindeer dust today – our Nursery Buddies came to help us.
Reindeer Dust on PhotoPeach

At Christmas time, it is a must,
To put the magic in the dust!

Christmas Fayre….


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We worked with our Nursery Buddies to make special cookie mixtures to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We also helped them to complete a piece of work about castles.
In our writing lesson, we made posters to advertise the Christmas Fayre. Our 2 winning posters are on the Primary 1 door and in the cabinet in the playground – please look out for them!
Christmas Fayre on PhotoPeach

Nursery and Primary 1 Coffee Morning


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We are planning to hold a coffee morning for Nursery and Primary 1 Parents on Thursday, 31st October 10:00 – 11:30. Hopefully you will have received your wonderful invitation today. The P1 children helped their nursery Buddies to make one too.

The coffee morning is an opportunity for the staff to share transition activities for Nursery to Primary 1 for this session. It’s also a great chance for P1 parents to share their experiences and thoughts with the Nursery parents – let them know what to expect!

Hope to see you there!

PS The children from Nursery and Primary 1 will not be at the coffee morning – just the teachers!

Sharing our Hedgehog Books


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We took our Hedgehog Information Books along to Primary 7 and showed them to our Buddies.
Sharing Stories With Our P7 Buddies on PhotoPeach
Before we went back to the classroom, Miss McNicoll showed us a box. She told us that she had saved a hedgehog that was about to be caught by a fox. She put it in the box and wrapped it up to let it hibernate for the winter. She wondered if P1 would like to look after it for her….

Afternoon Tea


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Yesterday, our P1 Buddies from last year (now Primary 2) very kindly asked us for afternoon tea!

They have been learning about a story called “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.” In the story, Mrs Grinling makes all sorts of sandwiches for Mr Grinling’s lunch….as well as some mustard sandwiches to trick the seagulls. Thankfully, the Primary 2 children didn’t put mustard in our sandwiches – just cheese and ham!

At the end of the day, instead of Mrs Jamieson reading us a story, we watched “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” on the big board. Why don’t you watch it again together?