Just a quick note to let you know about various things that are coming up:
Monday 30th September – the Library Van will be coming to school so remember to bring in your books.

Wednesday 2nd October 2.00pm – we will be performing for you at the school’s Harvest Assembly.

Wednesday 9th October 10.45 – 11.30am – The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tea Party (the children will be writing their invitations to you but I thought I’d let you know so that you can put the date in your diary).

We have been doing a lot of hunting around the school this week, for 2d and 3d shapes and also for numbers. We spotted loads as you can see from the photos.

Maria Kemp

PS – the ‘junk’ inventions that have been coming home over the past few weeks are linked to our shape topic (honestly!)

P2 Strictly Come Dancing!

Week 6

Buonasera Mums, Dads and children,

Today we had a visit from Rhiann, the dance specialist, and we learned lots of new moves! Ask us to demonstrate the cha cha cha, the tango or the waltz!

We have also been busy learning about lighthouses. We made lighthouses from clay and painted them in bright colours. Mrs Kemp thinks we did a fantastic job.

In Maths we have moved on from 2d shape and are now looking at 3d shape (cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones and square based pyramids). In Numeracy, we will be brushing off our adding skills, going over our number bonds to 10 and learning different addition strategies. We will be making sandwiches this week and writing instructions on how to make them. In Sounds, we have been working hard on the ch, sh and th sounds and today we learned all about qu. We are continuing our focus on friendship in Health and Wellbeing and in PE we are practising ball skills.