St Andrew’s Day

We spent a lovely afternoon with Primary 1 yesterday, learning all about St Andrew, making Saltire flags and having some shortbread and Irn Bru!

On Friday, Mrs Hilsley says we can come to school wearing tartan so look out your kilts!

Frosty weather

As part of our weather topic, we went for a wintry walk and looked really hard at all the beautiful patterns the frost was making on the nature around us. We came back to the classroom and made frosty twig bundles, using twigs, twine and glitter.


It was Bedtime Story Day today and we came to school in our pyjamas and onesies, cuddling our teddies and hot water bottles. We snuggled up on the carpet and the teachers read us a story, it was all so exhausting…!

Don’t stand still…

… or Primary 2 will measure you!! We have been measuring everything in sight this week and learning to use the words length, weight and capacity (the hard one!)

Tying in with our Weather topic, we have also been looking at the mercury in our thermometer to check how cold the air temperature is and are in the process of trying to measure rainfall.

We have also being doing lots of science experiments – we made fog and rain (in jars) and today we found out how a rainbow is made. We made one in the classroom, using a prism and an overhead projector. Can you name the seven colours of the rainbow?