Plan for the Summer Term

Hard to believe we’re nearing the end of Primary 2! Here, in brief, is what we will be covering this term:

Science –We will be looking at the wonderful world of minibeasts, examining their characteristics, life cycles and habitats, going on minibeast hunts and looking at how these creatures interact with the environment. Our East Lothian Biodiversity Officer will be paying us a visit. As far as possible, the minibeast theme will run through all of the undernoted curricular areas.

Technology – we will continue work on opening and saving files and doing internet searches.

Health and Wellbeing – We will be looking at our growing bodies and how we are changing. We will continue to have two sessions of PE per week so please ensure your child has their kit every Monday (Dance with Mrs Kemp) and Thursday (Miss McNicoll).

RME – we will continue to look at Christianity through stories from the Old and New Testament.

You can help your child by discussing these topics at home, by encouraging your child to research the topic using appropriate books or to bring relevant artefacts to school. It would also be beneficial if you could help your child with the following: –

Numeracy/Maths – we will be looking at odd and even numbers, numbers to 1000, continuing to practise quick mental recall of addition and subtraction number bonds, symmetry and information handling.

Reading – We will continue to work in our reading groups, you can help your child by discussing the text, listening to them read and discussing any new words. Whole class reading will take place once a week.

Writing – we will be working on capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and conjunctions through a variety of imaginative and functional writing.

Your child will receive one piece of homework per week in addition to their twice weekly reading homework.