Symmetry in Maths

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Sep 182013

Recently, we looked at symmetry in maths. As part of this, we drew our own symmetrical designs.

Inventor inventions

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Sep 182013

As part of our recent topic, we invented our own containers for stationery around the classroom. We designed and created these using only A4 paper and sellotape, and decorated them in our own way.

Sep 062013

In art, we had a lot of fun creating our own pictures of inventors. However, we used a rather special technique to create our pictures. Firstly, we had to choose which of three inventors we wanted to draw- from James Watt, Albert Einstein or Louis Braille.

Once we had made our choice, we took an A4 black and white picture of our inventor, and carefully folded it in half down the centre of the face. Then we cut along the line and ended up with two half-faces. Using prit-stick, we then glued one of the halves down onto another sheet of A4 paper. After this, we laid out the other half of the face close by on our desk, and we very carefully drew this half onto the remaining half of the A4 sheet that we had stuck the other part of the face to. As we were doing this, we experimented with different ways to hold our pencils, to produce different results when shading. The end results were extremely interesting!

This is the start of Albert Einstein being drawn onto a half and half sheet of A4!

Intense concentration while drawing is needed!

Look out for finished versions being uploaded soon to our webpage!

Sep 062013

As part of our project on inventors, we spent some time this week using the laptops to:

1) Do some research about various famous inventors and inventions. We did this in pairs, working with someone who had an interest in finding about the same inventors.

2) Once we had read various websites, we used some of the information we had found out to create a mixture of Microsoft Word documents and Powerpoint presentations. It was important while we were working at this stage to remember to try to put the information we had found into our own words, rather than simply to copy and paste it into our own presentations!

3) Finally, once we were finished with our work, we saved it into our own personal online folder on the school server. Each pupil from P4 upwards has their own folder, which, as they progress through the school, accumulates a variety of the things we have worked on. By the time pupils reach P7, their folders should be full of interesting ICT work!

Using the information from the internet about inventors to create Word documents

Researching inventors via the internet.