Burke and Hare

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Jun 132014


I’m sure you have realised we have been rehearsing for an upcoming performance of the story of Burke and Hare. Here are a couple of photos from our recent rehearsal day. Acting and singing are evident in large doses!

A winning song!

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May 172014

Our 2014 Schoolovision entry was voted into 14th position out of 30 countries by the pupils of Europe, which was a result we can be very happy about. But, perhaps more significantly, the teachers involved in the project also voted for their favourite songs in various categories, and I’m really delighted to announce that Scotland came out top in both the categories we entered. These categories were “voices” and “cultural traditions”.

Many thanks to the Polish partner, Marek, for his work in creating the certificates for all the winners in each category.
It’s no surprise at all that we won the “voices” category- as we certainly had the most positive comments you could imagine on the original entry. You can see these comments for our own song, if you look under the song entry on the Schoolovision blog itself.

You can also watch the song again below:

Rock Climbing at North Berwick

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May 082014

Earlier today, P5 travelled down to North Berwick, where, in lovely weather, we tackled the Law. But we didn’t walk up; no, instead, we worked with Andy and Anthony from the Outdoor Education team, and used rock-climbing gear to head up the notoriously tricky south-face of the Law.

Have a look at the photos below, showing what we got up to!










May 052014

We now have entries from 30 countries on the Schoolovision blog, and this week, all the children in all the 30 countries will have watched and voted for each of their favourites. This is a massive undertaking, and we in P5 were ahead of the game a little, by starting to watch and evaluate each of the videos last week. We’ll finish this later this week, and prepare our overall class results. These will be added to the votes from all of the other countries – which must be submitted to me by Thursday evening by email.
This allows me to total up all the votes, and determine the winners of the contest. On Friday morning, starting at 9.00am, primary 5 will lead a Europe-wide live webcam conference, where we go round the partner countries alphabetically and ask them to submit their votes so that all the others watching can hear and see what they are being awarded. At the end of this, the totals are announced, and the winners will no doubt be very excited and ready to celebrate! As has happened in previous years, I send a trophy to the winning school, which they can keep as a memento of their achievement.

In the meantime, if you wish to see all 30 entries in one go, have a look at the round-up video below.
30 countries
1000 children
6 minutes of pure joy.
That’s Schoolovision 2014!

European Chain reaction – the results!

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Feb 042014

Our recent chain reaction project came to its conclusion yesterday, with the results of all the countries’ entries having been counted up. Last week, P5 viewed and evaluated the entries from all 21 countries, and each child gave scored all the videos, apart from our own one. This process was repeated right across Europe, with each child in all the 21 countries scoring each chain reaction, apart from their own. The results were then collated by each teacher and submitted. Over the weekend, our Belgian partner in the project counted all the votes from all the countries, and recorded a special results video newsflash with his class.
The great news for us here in Yester is that our chain reaction finished in 6th position out of 21 countries!

So that’s our chain reaction project over for another year, and we have had great fun once again participating in this award-winning eTwinning project. A big thanks to the parents who helped the children film some very creative chain reactions at home in the early part of the project, and to our Belgian partner Dave for his great work in creating and administering the European Chain Reaction once again!
Have a look at the project website to see all the great entries!


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Jan 162014




Today we had a taster in a really unusual sport- fencing!
The class had a great time learning how to fence properly, as you can see in the photos!

Collaborative work with school in Finland

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Dec 182013


Click on the pictures to see both classes working together and saving goodbye!

Yesterday, P5 played the online collaborative game Saarella (The Island) with a class of primary school children from the town of Tuusula, close to Helsinki, in Finland. As many parents already know, this game involves pupils working together to create a safe living environment on an island that they have been shipwrecked on.
We had great fun, and indeed, it appears that by working together very closely, we scored one of the highest scores recorded in the game so far!
After the games, we had an interesting discussion via webcams, with questions going between the two classes. The first question asked by the Finnish children was: “Why are you all wearing uniforms?” !
PS If you wish to play the game, it doesn’t work using Internet Explorer, but works very well on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Dec 062013

Our first part of our Chain Reaction project was unveiled this morning at the class’ assembly. A big thank you to all the parents who came to the P5 assembly this morning. In addition, I’d like to thank parents too for their help in putting together the home-based chain reactions which we all enjoyed at the assembly! (Apologies that I didn’t include them all)
In the last week of term, we hope to put together our technical chain reaction, so I have asked that children bring in any resources that you might have at home that they think might be worth including in this big, class chain reaction. (Please name anything valuable!) The human chain reaction we played at the assembly today is now on the European Chain Reaction website and our technical chain reaction, along with all our competitors’, will be there in January! The website url is http://ecr2014.blogspot.com

Human Chain Reaction 2013 from Michael Purves on Vimeo.