Christmas party fun!

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Dec 202013

Getting ready to head to the hall…




Yesterday afternoon, P4-P7 held their Christmas party. Everyone either dressed up, or dressed down, and headed to the hall, where we played games and danced to lots of our favourite songs. We also enjoyed snacks and drinks in the GP room, where there was even a chocolate fountain to dip fruit into!

Dec 062013

Our first part of our Chain Reaction project was unveiled this morning at the class’ assembly. A big thank you to all the parents who came to the P5 assembly this morning. In addition, I’d like to thank parents too for their help in putting together the home-based chain reactions which we all enjoyed at the assembly! (Apologies that I didn’t include them all)
In the last week of term, we hope to put together our technical chain reaction, so I have asked that children bring in any resources that you might have at home that they think might be worth including in this big, class chain reaction. (Please name anything valuable!) The human chain reaction we played at the assembly today is now on the European Chain Reaction website and our technical chain reaction, along with all our competitors’, will be there in January! The website url is

Human Chain Reaction 2013 from Michael Purves on Vimeo.


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Dec 022013

This Friday, 6th December, Primary 5 will lead the school assembly. As is always the case, parents are welcome to come along and see some of the things we have been up to during the term. Assembly will start at 9.00am.

John Muir Project

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Oct 232013

Drama session- acting out situations from John Muir’s early life in Dunbar!

Acting out the time when John Muir lived in Dunbar, afraid of his dad!

This is from our dance session- honestly!

We are underway with our John Muir project!
Just before the end of term, we had drama and dance sessions, as well as a visit to the John Muir Birthplace in Dunbar. Through these, we have learned much about John’s early life in Dunbar, and how he then went as a young boy to America with his family. In addition, we have been working in class to find out more by researching John Muir in ICT lessons, making powerpoint presentations, and writing poetry about him too!

We found out lots of information about John Muir at his birthplace.

Accelerated Reader

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Oct 232013

Doing an Accelerated Reader quiz on the class PC.

As you all know, we use a reading program called “Accelerated Reader” in school.
When we read a book, either in class in our reading group, or at home in our own time, we can then take a quiz on the computer to test our understanding.
Almost all the books we read are already on the program’s database, so as we take more quizzes, the program keeps records of all our scores. It also notes the number of words we have read each year- and we get special certificates once we have read more than 1 million words! Accelerated Reading is fun!
In addition, parents can keep track of their own child’s progress via the homelink of Accelerated Reader. It’s even possible to set up an email alert, so that each time your child takes a quiz, you receive an alert at home to let you see the quiz they have done, along with their score.