Ross’s best moments


In bikeability we have been learning how to keep safe on our bikes when we are cycling on the road.


I’ve also enjoyed P.E because it is fun and sporty. In P.E we have been doing a variety of thing like football and cricket.

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Tristan’s best moments

I have enjoyed many things in P6 but my absolute favourite thing had to be Euroquiz .

First Favourite: Euroquiz

In October, Mrs Hilsley came to our classroom and presented us with a quiz on countries in the European Union. She said that the four people with the highest score would be allowed to compete in the annual Euroquiz competition. Myself, Isaac, Eliza and Beth along with the reserves: Lucy, Rhys and Kuba. We practiced a lot, both at home and at school. Finally the day of the quiz arrived. We did our best and were rewarded with 5th place out of 9 schools.

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Charlotte’s best moments

This year in p6 we had a super fun time in drama. We did lots of epic things. My best things in drama were the promenade theatre and stage combat.

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Cody’s best moments

I liked PE for we did a whole lot of sport and games like basketball, football and rugby. It was great fun. In PE we also had to do gymnastics. We tried forward and backward rolls.

I also liked the water sports trip. It was amazing fun. We got to go in kayaks and canoes. In these we played games had races and paddled around.

Also I enjoyed ICT. We used the internet, Gmail, played games and had fun.

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Tilly’s best moments

This year I enjoyed drama because we were doing stage combat. I also enjoyed the art in P6 and the writing. I liked them because they were fun.

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Beth’s best moments

  • I liked Bikeability this year because it was really fun and we learned a lot.
  • I also liked P.E. Because we had a different variety of sports.
  • The water sports at Musselburgh Lagoon was good and a lot of people fell in which was really funny.
  • I was picked for three things this year: The Little and Large cooking competition, the cross country competition and the Euro Quiz. They were all really fun especially the Little and Large.

P6 has been really fun this year. I hope P7 will be even better.

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Rhys’s best moments

No.1 Water sports

I enjoyed doing the water sports because Ross and I were in a canoe and we were having really great fun laughing and falling in the water, crashing and losing paddles in the water.

No.2 Trip to Presmennan woods and just a talk

I also really enjoyed going on the trip to Presmennen woods for a day making a camp and adventuring round the woods and cooking marshmallows on the fire and playing games. It was really funny when Paul H kept tripping over things and we had a really great laugh during all of our trips in P6 and had good fun. I have enjoyed P6 with all the trips and fun things like art, sport activities and writing lots of stories.

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Rachel’s best moments

  • On Thursday the 26th of June P5-P7 did Burke and Hare. My favourite song was Blood and Guts and Gore. I liked the aprons in Blood Guts and Gore because they had red paint all over them.
  • I also enjoyed water sports because I had never been canoeing before.


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Paul V’s best moments

In Primary 6 I have enjoyed bikeability.  In bikeability we have learnt to ride (safely) on the road. We learnt the stopping procedure, the starting procedure and how turn left and right.

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Paul H’s best moments

I enjoyed doing water sports at Musselburgh lagoons because I fell in 5 times.

I enjoyed Bikeability because it was fun.

I also enjoyed P.E because we have done a lot of sport.

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