Weekly update #23

First off, there is a rugby coaching session planned for Monday – sorry for the short notice. The children will need their outdoor PE kits. Please pass on the message to other members of the class.

The children have written some great posts this week – check them out below.

We have completed our division topic in maths and the class has continued to work very hard on developing speed and accuracy in mental maths. It was a shame that cricket had to be postponed this week because of the weather; however, P6 will still will get the lesson next term. Cricket continues this week so the pupils will again need outdoor PE kit on Thursday. Mrs McKendrick is still unwell and the specialist PE slot will be taken for the next two Tuesdays by Scott Marnoch, the rugby development officer for East Lothian Council (here twice in two days!). He will be applying rugby skills to African dizumbee ball.

We have had a week of volcanoes erupting and will reach the closing stages of our dramatic disasters topic over the next week. We will also be having a focus on handwriting this week.

In ICT the children have been learning to use Google Apps. This suite of programs is available to pupils online through East Lothian Council’s Edubuzz website (the same one which hosts this blog!). The children can work cooperatively to access and produce documents, presentations and websites. At the moment the children are creating documents about earthquakes. Some of the class had been logging on and adding to their document at home. These documents are only available to view by other children within the Edubuzz community, and only if invited. Google Apps are used increasingly in the business world for creating material cooperatively.

Some of the more adventurous e-explorers in the class have discovered that Google Apps includes an e-mail facility. This allows restricted e-mailing within the Edubuzz community (i.e. to other children). As the class teacher, I can view these e-mails to check they are being used sensibly. All P7 pupils in East Lothian use Google Apps to create a record of their learning called an “e-portfolio”. This is shared with their parents and teachers at the high school they will be transferring to.

For lovely photos of the woodland days, check out this Outdoor Learning blog post:


Enjoy the sunshine!

Mr Devereux

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  1. Heidi Ingram says:

    Thanks for the update. Lots of useful information. Good to see the children are learning about responsible and effective use of technology.
    What a fantastic sunny day for outdoor PE/rugby!

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