Niamh’s best moments

In P6 we went to Pressmennan Woods and when we got there we looked for a good place to set up the tent. We found a good flat patch of ground and set up the tent. After we set up the tent we had a snack and then we went on a walk and found the fairy houses. After the walk we made a fire and toasted marshmallows on sticks. Some people’s marshmallows fell into the fire and was burnt to a crisp. We went back to the tent to get the hammocks and then set them up in the trees near the tent where it was reasonably quiet. We took our shoes off, got into the hammocks and we had a little snooze. After our sleep we took down the hammocks, took down the tent, got back on the bus and went back to school.

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Megan’s best moments

In P6 we have done Pressmennan Wood. My partner was Rachel. We used a little map to help us find everything there. I like to call it Ben and Holly’s little kingdom. There were 6 things to find. There was a form, 3 houses, meeting hut and a half way post.

My best bit is getting to find all of the little treasures. On the bench you would find little fairies fly but there are made out of wood. There was a lake. It had swans and fishes in. It is the best place for a walk in the world.

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Lucy’s best moments

In Primary six the thing I have enjoyed the most was water sports at Musselburgh lagoons. When we got there we had to choose what we wanted to go in. The choices were a canoe or a kayak. I chose a kayak. We got in to the canoes and kayaks. Then we pushed off and went in to the water! We had to go around two buoys in the water (we had to do a figure of eight). Then we kayaked to a shallow place where we had to catch rubber ducks in the kayaks. At the end we had a challenge that was: we had to have two canoes and three people. One person was in the middle of the kayaks and put one leg in each kayak. The others had to sit in the two kayaks and paddle (one in each kayak). IT WAS SO FUN!

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Jamie’s best moments

When we went to Meadowbank I was a substitute and Isaac was doing the high jump.

He could jump very high, almost the same height of me.

The tug of war team broke a school record for staying in the competition for the longest but just for our school.

We won the sprinting but that was it. We didn’t win anything else.

We did well and I can’t wait till next year.

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Isaac’s best moments

In P6 I enjoyed the water sports at Musselburgh lagoons because it was the first time I ever went kayaking. I found it at the time, the most fun thing I had ever done.

I also enjoyed all of the competitions I took part in, such as Meadowbank (high jump), the inter-school swimming competition, in which I swam freestyle and backstroke, and Euroquiz, when you answer questions about Europe.

Overall, P6 has been very fun!

This is Isaac signing out from P6.

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Eliza-Jane’s best moments

One of my favourite things this year was the woodland trip to Pressmennan Wood. My favourite part of the trip was when we toasted marshmallows on a mini fire which we all helped to build. While we were toasting marshmallows somebody got marshmallow all over their face (which made the person look like a marshmallow monster).

One of my other favourite events was Bikeability because it was really fun learning how to keep myself safe on the road and getting taught how to signal to start, stop and turn. One of my favourite things in Bikeability was when we went onto the road with our group (Connie, Isaac, Paul V, Ross, Beth, William, Annie, Rhys and Tristan). We could do lots of different things like, left & right turns, uphill and downhill and also overtake parked cars.

 I also enjoyed Burke & Hare, though the first performance wasn’t as good as the second, it was really fun performing in front of people.

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Constance’s best moments

On the 19th of June there was a violin concert that me and the rest of the P6 violinists took part in. All the violinists played very well and we enjoyed it a lot. The concert went great and we have got some donations from the parents for broken violins and repairs. The other classes play amazingly as well and we are all very proud of ourselves. Also next year we all will improve our violin skills. The P5 violinists did some singing with their tune. The P6s did 5 tunes that sounded amazing. We had a great audience and lots of parents came and some grannies and grandpas.

At the end the P7s played single tune on their own. Catriona played Happy Go Lucky, one of the P6’s pieces and Harry played a very slow piece.

We all did amazingly and thank you to the parents and grandparenst for coming. I hope you enjoyed it very much.

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William’s best moments

I enjoyed Bikeability because I really like biking and I do a lot of mountain biking. And it will be a good skill for me to have if I ever go on the road.

I liked the biking because I love biking.

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Annie’s best moments

In Primary 6 my favourite thing was PE. I particularly liked gymnastics, bleep test, practising for Meadowbank and cross country.

I liked these things because I like lots of sports and I love running.

I also really liked the water sports and when lots of people capsized and we did a chariot when it was time to go in.

Recently we did Bikeability. I think everyone liked that because we got to go onto the roads on the last lesson. We had to make sure that we did all the things that we learnt right so that we didn’t hit into cars or into other cyclists.

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Chinese Gardens

In art we have been doing 3D Chinese gardens using card board and tissue paper. People have been putting pagodas which we were starting with, and ponds with goldfish in them and flowers to decorate their gardens. This was all to do with the Buddhism/China topic that we were doing. We started with the pagodas and then added the ponds and garden detail like flowers, paths and lots of colour.

They look amazing and we are all very proud of them

By Connie and Rhys

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