Day One… Monday 3rd March

Primary 7 are all safe, sound and very well fed!
We had a great journey across, stopping off at Luss, for lunch, at 11:30am and arriving at Benmore around 12:50pm. The first activity which everyone took part in was bed making… some interesting strategies when trying to insert duvets into covers and put sheets on matresses, however, everyone managed in time for our first outdoor adventures.

Group One
“We were split into 2 groups and had a tour of the centre. Then we were given water-proofs and a helmet. We were told to meet at the mini-bus. Scott, our instructor, took us ‘slab climbing’ which was very slippery but great fun. Then we went back in the bus and did some more ‘bouldering’ and we also went through a waterfall. It was quite scary but everyone managed to do it. We came back to the centre and hung our clothes in the drying room. Then we had juice and cake”

Group Two
“We met our instructor, Iona and she told us some information about our stay. Then we went to collect our water-proofs. We also got some wellies. We were told to get ready and meet her at the front door. We then went exploring in the Benmore gardens where we had our first taste of a gorge walk”

Tonight’s dinner consisted of home-made pizza, potato wedges and salad, followed by yoghurt and fruit-keeping the energy levels up for a full day of Gorge walking, climbing and abseiling tomorrow.

We’re off on a night-walk in 15 minutes so please check the blog tomorrow for more updates and pictures (hopefully).

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8 Responses to Day One… Monday 3rd March

  1. Gwen Watt says:

    Im delighted that P7 have arrived safe and well!
    Your adventures have just started! Hope you all enjoy the Midnight walk and look forward to the updates and pictures…..

    Have a great time Millie and we all send our love

    Gwen Watt (Millie’s Mum) xx

  2. Sally Wilson says:

    Glad to hear you all arrived safely and are already having lots of fun. Sleep well everyone. It sounds like you have an exciting day ahead of you! Special hello to Paddy, thought you would like to know that Pheobe is fast asleep on your bed. Sally

  3. Lucy wrinn says:

    Hi everyone. It’s great to read you’ve arrived and started to go adventuring already. Morven says to steal Scott’s hat (if he still has it), but keep that secret, ok?
    Have loads of big, wet fun! Alan says the school is very quiet with out the p7s 🙂

  4. Mrs Hilsley says:

    Glad to hear you have all arrived safely and that you have already experienced your first fun activities. Plenty more of those to come!
    Hope the sun is shining for you.
    Have fun!

    Mrs Hilsley x

  5. Gwen Watt says:

    Delighted that P7 have arrived safe and well!!
    Your adventures have just begun…
    look forward to seeing the pictures and seeing the updates.

    Have a fantastic time Millie and we love you very much!
    Gwen Watt (Millie’s Mum) xx

  6. Amanda Lindsay says:

    Enjoyed reading about your first day! Hope the rain stays away and the sun shines for you!

  7. Catherine Goldsmith says:

    Wonderful to get that 1st up date on how things are going!
    We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you’ve had on day 2…and some photos!!! Have a wonderful time Rosie….enjoy every moment!! Loads of love & hugs from us all and Tess & Deia too!!! XX

  8. June Hill says:

    Sounds like you all having a ball.Missing you Ellen ponies all well
    love Mum x

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