A very wet day three…

Can’t believe we are on day 3 already… time is flying by!

It’s been a horrible, wet and windy day at Benmore today, but, yet again, your children defeated the elements and continued to smile throughout a fantastic day of cycling and forest walking.

Group One

We woke up this morning, got dressed and tidied our rooms before going for a slap up breakfast of cereal, sausages, beans and toast. We then went back into our dorm groups and completed our chores. Afterwards, we met in the field studies room to prepare for the Forest Adventure. We got changed and set off from the centre. We walked into a forest where we stopped half-way up. Scott had given 2 of us cooking pans so we cooked some hot chocolate in the forest and made some shelters. We cleared up and headed back to the centre, through the Botanic Garden. When we got back to Benmore we stopped for lunch. Following lunch, we had some free time and then met up with Scott again. We were told what we needed to wear for biking and set off, out of the centre about 2:00pm. It was great fun because we got to go through puddle lane… which was very dry as you can imagine! We had to try to find Christopher’s bolt from his bike because his pedal fell off! We all got very muddy but had a brilliant time.

Group Two

We met Iona this morning and were told to wear warm, cosy clothes. Afterwards, we set off from the bike shed and cycled out of the centre. We cycled along the road and turned off into the forest. There were loads of slippery branches on the ground and deep puddles. We went down a forest trail and through lots of mud. It was great fun. Once we’d had lunch we set off in a mini-bus into the forest. We walked through Puck’s Glen and went to the top to see where his hut was. We walked out through the woods to take a short cut and had some hot chocolate. We walked along the road, very wet, back to the centre. We really enjoyed going under the waterfall. When we came back from our walk we had tea and cake. Cake today was jam doughnuts so we all had to do the jam doughnut challenge! It’s very difficult to stop yourself licking your lips!

Tonight’s dinner consisted of chicken curry and profiteroles… Full tummies yet again, but, unsure of tomorrow’s activities as they will be weather dependent.

The Avenue

The Avenue


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4 Responses to A very wet day three…

  1. Mr Devereux says:

    Hello P7!
    It looks like you’re having a toptastic time! Jam doughnut challenge must be nearly impossible – did anyone win? Love the photo of some of you holding up that tree – your muscles must have developed a lot at Benmore. Hmm…fancy scattering bolts about the woods! I suppose the bolt was trying to escape. I expect it bolted.
    Sorry to read about all the rain. I hope you have good weather tomorrow. The food sounds stunning. I hope you’re all looking after Miss McNicoll and Jamie.
    Have fun!
    Mr Devereux

  2. David Trouton says:

    Looks like you’re all having great fun…just shows that there’s no such thing as the wrong weather…just the wrong choice of clothes. (I think Billy Connolly said something like that). Doughnut challenge looks delicious. I hope Paddy admitted that she’s had a lot of previous experience in that one.
    Enjoy tomorrow’s adventures. Looking forward to hearing all the details soon! Paddy – lots of love from Me, Mum, Evie and Phoebe xoxo.

  3. Ailsa says:

    Hi catriona!!
    Looks like you are having just as much fun as we had!! 🙂

    Hope you have a good day today!

    Ailsa, Morven, Mum and Dad (and the fish!! )

  4. Ken Ambat says:

    It looks like you all had a fabulous time. What a brave bunch of explorers! Ken (Leonie’s Dad)

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