Biking and The Jam Doughnut Challenge


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7 Responses to Biking and The Jam Doughnut Challenge

  1. Catherine Goldsmith says:

    Excellant photos!! Everyone looks very happy despite the rain and the activities look brilliant fun! Wish I was there myself!! Enjoy your last full day there tomorrow and look forward to hearing how this disco goes! Love the look on your face Rosie as you’re doing the doughnut eating competition!! Love from us all xxxx

  2. Mrs Hilsley says:

    Just spent a lovely 10 minutes looking at all your photographs and reading about your activities. Doesn’t sound like the weather is stopping you enjoying yourselves! What a lovely way to start your birthday Christopher with your friends singing you Happy Birthday. Not sure about the early hour though! Enjoy your last day and fingers crossed the sun shines. Looking forward to hearing about your week when you get back. Remember to pack all your wet, muddy things. Your parents are looking forward to doing washing all weekend!

    Mrs Hilsley x

  3. Mrs Cusack says:

    Hi Primary 7, Miss McNicoll and Jamie,

    It looks like you are having an excellent time at camp.
    We are missing you at school.
    Can’t believe the week is almost over.
    Have a fantastic day tomorrow.
    Hope we get to see you all dressed up for the disco 🙂
    See you soon,
    Mrs Cusack x

  4. Gwen Watt says:

    Great Pictures and lovely to see you enjoying yourself Millie!
    Im glad the weather isn’t dampening your activities and looks lots of fun.
    Enjoy your last day and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.
    We can’t wait to see you tomorrow


  5. Jscqui Pryde says:

    Great pics. Wow the “Jam Doughnut Challenge” Bear Grylls eat your heart out. Hope the sun shines today. xx

  6. Mr Devereux says:

    Hello guys,

    Half of P6 were out today as well as you, so the school seemed very quiet. Marta has been following your blog during breaks in film-making – she’s been directing an animated film which you can see when you get back. I hope you had a toptastic day. Enjoy the disco!

    Mr Devereux

  7. Sally Wilson says:

    Good morning everyone, I hope you had fun at the disco last night and you are bright-eyed today and ready for the journey home. I hope you have all remembered to pack everything and look forward to all the washing Paddy! So looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Sally x

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