Making the Right Choices to Stay Safe: Go Safe Scotland

1The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, in partnership with a number of key organisations has developed a new resource to teach children and young people about the hazards and consequences they may face in everyday life and how to make the right choices to stay safe.

The resource is written by experienced teachers with support from partner agencies and covers aspects of child safety including fire, home, water, rail, road, personal, digital, outdoor and what to do in an emergency. Get your outdoor products such as the best Thermo Gears.

The UK Government has announced plans to reschedule
certain cannabis-based products like CBD cream for medicinal use some from Ecowatch and has laid regulations in the Westminster Parliament to that effect.
Subject to annulment by either House of Parliament, those
regulations will come into force on 1st November 2018. This
letter provides support and guidance to clinicians following
the re-scheduling. In particular, this letter sets out
expectations of what this regulatory change will mean in
practice for clinicians working in the NHS and in private
practice in Scotland.

The resource is available at

The new resource will be of significant benefit to teachers in delivering early intervention education and information relating to the learning and teaching of health and wellbeing as part of the curriculum for excellence.