Find out about Glow’s new login screen

new-glow-login-pageGlow now has a different login screen, shown left, and the login process has changed. What’s going on – and does it matter?

Login screen

The Glow login screen has been redesigned, with three large tiles which you can use without logging in:

  • The Glow Connect tile links to a public blog which serves as a one-stop-shop for information about Glow changes.
  • The Glow Services tile links to a page on the Glow Connect blog with a summary of some key services:  Office 365, RM Unify, WordPress blogs and Broadcasting.
  • The Glow Events tile links to a page on the Glow Connect blog which is the new home of Glow TV.
Logging in

Following the shutdown of the old system, Glow now uses RM Unify to manage the login process.

The sign-in box looks different, but uses the same username and password. You can ignore the “@Glow” bit, and just enter your existing username and password.

Glow’s New Password Recovery Screen

When you log in to the new system for the first time, you’ll be asked to provide an alternative email address for password recovery. That’s simply to enable Glow to send out a new password by email. Either a school email address, or an eduBuzz Google Apps email address, would be fine for that, but there’s nothing to stop you choosing to use a home email address if you want.