Wiki*edia Projects in Schools, for Teachers – and a Hallowe’en TeachMeet!

EduWikiScreencap This Friday at 2pm, teachers in the Edinburgh area are invited to join an exciting open session at the fully-booked EduWiki Conference 2014.

TMeduwikiAnd if you can’t make that, there’s also an Edu Wiki Hallowe’en Edition TeachMeet at 7pm in Edinburgh. More on that, incuding sign-up link, here

Photo of Daria Cybulska, WMUK Programme Manager
Daria Cybulska, WMUK Programme Manager

The 2pm session,  Workshop C: Wiki*edia Projects in Schools (for students under 18) is led by Daria Cybulska, Wiki Media UK Programme Manager.

If you’re interested, you’re encouraged to contact Ally Crockford at



Ally Crockford: Cropped still taken from File:National_Library_of_Scotland_-_The_GLAM-Wiki_Revolution.webm by Joe Sutherland and User:Rock drum (CC-BY 3.0) for use in publicising the EduWiki Conference

Ally Crockford, Wikimedian in Residence at the National Library of Scotland explains the connection in a guest post on the Engage for Education site.

There’sWikivoyageWikidataWikiversityWikinewsWikiquote, and Wiktionary, too. They’re all hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organisation that develops and maintains the open content on these sites provided free of charge.

With all of these projects seeking to provide various educational components freely and openly, it’s exciting to see the different ways that educators from all levels have begun to interact with them. EduWiki is a conference designed in part to showcase the newest and most innovative educational collaborations with Wikimedia in the UK.

You can find out more about Ally and some of the learning opportunities Wikimedia presents by listening to her Radio Edutalk interview with John Johnston (@johnjohnston) here: