Council urges teachers to go back to school!

Picture1_1_Join our supply-teaching team today.

East Lothian Council is responding to the national shortage of supply teachers by appealing to registered teachers currently not working to consider a return to the profession.

Education and Children’s Wellbeing spokesperson Councillor Shamin Akhtar says:

‘There are people out there with teaching qualifications that they are not currently using. I know of mums, for example, who have taken time out to bring up families, who might now be thinking of how to get back into teaching.

‘The supply teacher shortage is impacting on us in East Lothian in the same way that it is affecting the rest of Scotland. We are really keen to attract more teachers back into the profession, particularly into the area of supply teaching. This involves them in providing both planned and unplanned cover in respect of a range of teacher absences. The nature of supply work is such that it provides the opportunity to work flexibly with the teacher being able to carry out both short and long term supply at times that suit their own personal circumstances. Sometimes work is allocated well in advance of the date required but at other times it can be at the last minute, depending on the nature of the cover required.

‘Irrespective of the number of hours you are available to work, we would love to hear from you. We know that some of you won’t have taught for a while, so we will be offering a package of training and support to help you.

‘The shortage of supply teachers is beginning to bite so we would really like to hear now from anyone with teaching experience who is interested in supply teaching with us.

‘To find out more, phone 01620 827 766 or email