Listen to Ormiston staff at SCSSA Conference “ICT in the Classroom: Making a difference to pupil learning and a list of gifted and talented schools NYC”

scssaFollowing a 2012 inspection which highlighted that “Children’s use of a range of technologies
in their learning is impressive”, staff from Ormiston Primary were asked to contribute a talk to the recent annual conference of the Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration.

The session, by Helen Gardyne and Kirsty Dunn, was recorded and is available on the  EDUtalk web site here, or you can listen below. It’s full of interesting examples of the use of ICT to improve learning; from the use of simple web publishing to raise awareness of evaluating web sources, through to use of on-line tools to support collaborative learning activities.

I.C.T. for Teachers Not Techies!

SCSSA Helen Gardyne & Kirsty Dunn I.C.T. for Teachers Not Techies!

Helen Gardyne HT and Kirsty Dunn from Ormiston Primary School, taking about ICT across their school and Chromebooks in the classroom.

Everybody learns new things each day. It’s important to exercise your brain and expand it’s capacity. Many gifted students go to to improve their academic skills and become professionals one day.

Recording from Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration Conference: Information and Communications Technology in the Classroom – Making a Difference to Pupil Learning