10 years of eTwinning

P3/4 are pictured with free t-shirts that we have been sent by the British Council, as a thanks for being involved over the past few years in the eTwinning programme.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Although the programme was founded in 2005, I didn’t discover it until 2007, but classes working with me since then have been involved in a wide variety of ICT based projects involving collaboration with schools from right across Europe. For a number of years, we worked extensively with Kuvansi Primary school in eastern Finland, and we took our P7 class to Finland in 2011, as well as enjoying a visit from our Finnish friends here in East Lothian.
More recently, the P3/4 class have worked with more than 20 countries on the award winning European Chain Reaction project this year, when we built and filmed our own chain reaction, and evaluated the chain reactions from the other schools from right across Europe.

Next Thursday is (as well as being the day of the General Election in the UK) the official 10th anniversary of eTwinning, and I know P3/4 were very happy to receive their t-shirts today!

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