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Primary 7 enjoyed a great couple of days in Pressmennan Wood on Monday and Thursday. Check next week to hear about all the activities they got up to…

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Benmore update


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Primary 7 are currently en route back to Yester… We’re roughly 10 miles away from central Glasgow and should be back at 1pm. Thanks

Day 3


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Group 1 (William Ross Paul H)- In the morning we went for a forest walk. We followed a stream up the hill and had to dodge lots of fallen trees and branches. At the top we had a snowball fight and hot chocolate. We also got to climb through some water tunnels.
This afternoon, after lunch, we went caving. The caves were called the ‘Paper Caves’ and the ‘Letterbox.’ We spoke about the caves and their history before crawling through the tiny spaces. Group 2 all loved the challenge.

Group 2 (Beth Cody Jamie) – In the morning we took part in some problem solving activities and team building exercises. We then went on the low ropes course where we were given different team challenges.
We stoppped for lunch and afterwards we went gorge walking. We had to scramble and slide up and down a waterfall until we reached the top. Along the way we had different challenges such as the ‘key hole’ ‘staff challenge’ and ‘rope challenge.’ You’ll be pleased to hear all of our group made it to the top although we were all freezing cold and soaking wet by the time we got there. We’re now all standing beneath really warm showe…

Benmore day 2


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Our day began at roughly 6.36am with great hysteria coming from all four dorms! As curtains were swept back excited children (… and adults) were greeted with a foot of snow 🙂 However the next hour and a half went very slowly until we could finally get up and out of our beds at 8.00am.
Breakfast was served at 8.30am- different cereals were gobbled, followed by delicious bacon, hash browns, fried eggs and toast. With full tummies, all 21 of us were ready to take on the day ahead.
This morning, group 1 took part in some indoor climbing and abseiling activities which group 2 mirrored in the afternoon. Group 2 took part in problem solving acitvities and low ropes during the morning with lots of team building opportunities both in and outdoors. Group 1 went on a forest walk in the afternoon and enjoyed toasting marshmallows and making their way up the side of one of Argyll’s many gorges.
This evening we look forward to an indoor quiz and the first opening of ‘the tuck shop,’ a sweetie fulled night for sure!
Thanks for all your comments which will be read out to the children this evening.

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Are we there yet?!


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Primary 7 have arrived safe and sound at Benmore.
Having driven through rain, snow, hail and wind the children were well and truly ready to get off the bus and stretch their legs having travelled for 3 and a half hours.
Once beds were made and suitcases unpacked, we set off on our first activity round the grounds of Benmore. Group one, led by instructor Vicki, had a puddle jumping, tunnel crawling, mud-tastic adventure, whilst group two, led by Morna, also investigated the grounds and had a mass competition of ‘poo sticks!’
The hugely anticipated tea was a hit- fish and chips on night one… very happy faces and tummies!
This evening we are going on a night-walk so please check tomorrow to see/ hear how it went.

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Fizz, Boom, Bang


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Yesterday, two scientists from Edinburgh based ‘Generation Science’ worked on a variety of experiments with Primary 7.
The challenge was to use different solutions and chemicals to make the coolest, fizziest most colourful reaction.
“We were given indicator, water mixed with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and grapefruit juice. We also given bicarbonate of soda powder and some tablets”
“We mixed different combinations in a dimple tray to create the best chemical reaction”

“The best chemical reaction was vinegar mixed with powder”

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Primary 7 thoroughly enjoyed the Catherine Wheels theatre company performance of ‘Lifeboat’ a couple of weeks ago.

The true story of Bess Walder and Beth Cummings, set in World War II, is about the girl’s courageous trip of survival and friendship.

On Friday 13 September 1940, The City of Benares, a ship, set sail from Liverpool for Canada. On board were 90 evacuees escaping the constant bombing and dangers of war in Britain. Four days into the crossing, the ship was torpedoed and sank. Only eleven of the evacuees survived.

Two fifteen year old girls, Bess Walder and Beth Cummings, spent 19 terrifying hours in the water on an upturned lifeboat.





Primary 7 Hoodies


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The Hoodies arrived in school today and look fantastic. The children love them and are apparently going to ‘live’ in them!
The Hoodies may be worn to school for the remainder of this week.
After that, Mrs Hilsley has requested that your child does not wear them again until after Benmore ( 9th March)
Many thanks for getting all orders and payments in so quickly back in November.





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Can I please remind all P7 parents that there will be a Benmore meeting on Tuesday 3rd February at 7pm, in the Primary 7 classroom.
There will be an informative DVD shown at the meeting and any questions you have answered.
The children brought home an information leaflet about their stay at Benmore, last week. Can you please return the centre pages of the leaflet to school as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Miss McNicoll



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On Thursday, Primary 7 were lucky enough to see The Catherine Wheels’ production of ‘Lifeboat’.
The performance was based on the true story of WWII evacuees, Bess Walder and Beth Cummings.

“The story started at the end and then went to the start. They were clinging to the lifeboat. They were trying to save the younger kids. It was really good and really entertaining.”
– Megan

“Really enjoyed it, it was really good. I really enjoyed the end where they were rescued. There were bits that were funny but also very serious bits like when the boat was sinking.”
– Paul H

“I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was the beginning when they were clinging to the lifeboat. There were funny bits and really sad bits. I found the ship explanation really interesting.”
– Paul V

“I liked how timescale jumped back and forth from past to present. My favourite part was when they were looking back on it as old ladies. I really enjoyed it, it was very good.”
– Eliza