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A polite reminder that comment/signature slips from report cards should be returned to school.

It read in the recent newsletter that the children would be coming home with a piece of homework to design a plant or bug. We have done this in class!

Zoo Trip


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This week, we had a brilliant time at the zoo.
First we went on a tour of the zoo. We learned facts about penguins, apes, monkeys and sun bears.
After a visit to the panda house, we had lunch then a quick wander around before it was time to go back to school. We had a great day….and the sun shone!
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We have been learning about camouflage. We know that some animals use camouflage to hide from their predators. Other animals use camouflage to help them stay hidden from their prey.
We used pattern and colour to create a background for our animals, then used the same colours to draw them. Can you spot the well camouflaged zebras, butterflies and chameleons?
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When we learn a new sound we practise building words in lots of different ways. This week, we have used jewels and playdough.
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Jelly Baby Shapes


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We had great fun learning about 3D shapes by building them using jelly babies and cocktail sticks!
We found out the names of different 3D shapes and that every time we used a jelly baby, we made a corner. Every time we used a cocktail stick, we made an edge.
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Welcome Back!


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Only a few days back and already we have done so much! The children are particularly looking forward to sharing what we have been learning recently with the other boys and girls in school at assembly. We are going to sing a little French song that is all about the different parts of our body. The children were keen for this to go on the website so they could practise at home! Enjoy singing along!

We have lots of learning planned for this term- new topics, tessellation and 3D shapes, subtraction, the alphabet, fitness, word processing, writing our own books……..
We also have Shonagh Davidson (drama specialist) coming in to work with the children over the next couple of week so look out for some exciting chat and photos!

Easter Fun


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A big “Thank You” to Parent Council who kindly gave each class £60 to spend on Golden Time activities. The children in P1/2 had a think about what they’d like and Mrs Jamieson went shopping for some Easter craft activities. A  great afternoon sticking, stamping and making!

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PE Kit


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Everyone should have brought home PE kit to be checked and washed. Please can you make sure that your child has it with them on the first day back as we will be in the gym. I will also send home indoor shoes on Thursday so they can be checked too. Quite a few pairs are past their best (especially the velcro fastenings) and this can be dangerous when moving around the classroom and in the gym.

Strictly Come Dancing


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A huge “Well Done!” to all our dancer – children and parents – and thank you for making our Strictly Come Dancing afternoon such a success. So nice to hear the positive comments from everyone. We had a ball!

World Book Day


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We had a great time on Thursday for World Book Day. First, we had a fancy dress parade in the hall to see what everyone had dressed up as. Next we went to the library to share our favourite books with our friends. Then the P2/3 children came to read us their stories – we had to listen carefully for the adjectives they had used for their monsters.