Sports Day photos

We had an excellent day of sports activities on Tuesday, with very sunny and hot weather in the morning for the potted sports games, then the traditional races in the afternoon. Thankfully it had clouded over a bit by then, but it was still very warm. P3/4 raced enthusiastically in all the afternoon races, and we almost got to the end before the forecast rain arrived.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to enjoy the day with us, and to Mr Devereux who was wandering around snapping pictures of all the classes during the afternoon!

Virtual meeting with our friends in Iceland!

P3/4 have been running a project over the past few months with a class in Iceland, following on from a visit made back in October 2015 from some Icelandic teachers who came to Scotland for a few days. We have been exchanging information about our two schools and learning a bit about what goes on in the classrooms of each country. Yesterday, we “met” our link class via webcam and had great fun asking and answering a whole series of questions that we had prepared.
It is our intention to invite parents in to class to see some of the work we have done on the project in the next few weeks, as well as to let you see some of the webcam conference itself too.

3D Maths work

We’ve been looking at 3D shapes over the past week, and today we had a go at creating our own cubes and cuboids, using card and printed nets of the shapes. It took a while to cut out our shapes and glue them together, but we think they look great. Don’t you?

World Book Day

As it’s World Book Day today, there has been an emphasis on books and reading, and as well as that, we have had some fantastic characters from various books appearing in class! Here are (most of) the dressed up characters!

Results of ECR 2016

ECR 2016 newsflash from Qworzó on Vimeo.

If you watch this excellent Newsflash from our Belgian partners in the European Chain Reaction 2016 project that we worked on recently, you will see that our young scientists in P3/4 managed to score a total of 717 points from the 31 other countries taking part in the project! That propelled us into 12th position out of 32, a result we are extremely happy with. Well done P3/4!
The winners of the contest were the team from Belgium, and we say congratulations to them on their excellent chain reaction!

Whole School Ceilidh

This morning we all met in the hall for a whole school ceilidh. Each class performed dances they had learned over the past few weeks with Miss Jamieson. Everyone had a lot of fun as we performed and watched the other classes.
Here are some of the P3/4 performers!

Ceilidh dancers this morning!
Ceilidh dancers this morning!

On Thursday this week, P3/4 will lead our school Burns Supper. Look out for film of the recitations and poetry after the event!

ECR 2016

Primary 3/4 are taking part in an award-winning European scientific project, the European Chain Reaction, or ECR for short.

The project asks schools from across Europe to create their own chain reactions, video them and upload them to the European Chain Reaction blog.
We created our chain reaction one afternoon last week, and it is now displayed on the blog. As there is only one representative from each country, Yester are representing Scotland. If you have a look at the various chain reactions, you will see that the project is open to children of primary-school age, and therefore the standards vary, but I have always been of the opinion that the children should do as much of the work as possible to make the end result authentic.

Below is our video, and in the next couple of weeks, more than 700 children from 30 countries or more will view and evaluate all the entries, before voting for their favourite chain reaction. The winning school receive a specially commissioned trophy!

Scottish Country Dancing in PE

Welcome back to everyone for the new term! This morning, we were straight into learning some Scottish Country Dancing moves in PE with Miss Jamieson, and we’ll be working on our skills over the next few weeks. We worked on the Military Two Step today.

In addition, later this month, P3/4 will be responsible for hosting Yester’s Burns Supper, which we will be holding one lunchtime. This is an event that the whole school enjoys together, and some of our class will be speakers and presenters. Along with the other classes, we will also be learning some Scots poems for the big day too.