P7 Leavers’ cake

Look at the lovely leavers’ cake which the kitchen staff kindly made us. Everyone’s names were written on the sweatshirt. There isn’t a crumb left…all the cake and all the icing has now disappeared inside P7 stomachs!

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Tea in the Marquee

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Masterchef competition

On Thursday we had a Masterchef competition. Two professional chefs come in and judge. We had to make a salad and we had to make in half an hour! Lucia and Tom won with their stuffed green pepper. I made a very vinegary salad dressing. We all had really good fun.

Samantha, Eloise and Rosie

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Well done to everyone in P7 for your sustained concentration, effort and wonderful creativity! The same camera which took nice action shots for sports day let me down today, but I’ll include some horribly out-of-focus shots to ensure everyone is represented. Apologies to fuzzy children!

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Leavers’ assembly

In music we are practising our leavers’ assembly songs. We are doing 1 song and 1 dance and Ms Traill is helping us with the songs . This dance thing is for a teacher. We hope she/he likes itJ. And we are trying to practice a song. It is a good song but is hard to sing altogether. The girls are writing down the dance we are doing so that everybody will know it because only some of the boys and girls know it. Mr Devereux helps on the actual assembly. We just have to decide what we do. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

By Nicole and Lucia

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Maths – and golden time!

How do you find out the height of the school chimney? With a bit of help from a clinometer, a trundle wheel and a protractor, P7 worked it out. Keep watching and you’ll see we also had fun at golden time!

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Technology project

How do you carry liquid medicines from the dispensary to the wards in a busy hospital? With the help of a delivery tube, P7 have the answer!

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Sports Day

Yesterday was our sports day and it was really good because it was such good weather until the afternoon when it started to rain a little.

In the morning we did potted sports like get the monkey in the hoop or the football dribble and the hockey dribble etc. In the afternoon we did our class sports. First we did a running race, then we did egg and spoon race and then it was a skipping race. At the end it started to rain a lot so only the 7P class got to do the sack race and a lot of people fell over. We then all went inside and our parents who went to see us could come and pick us up.


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Lost down a well

In drama we have been in groups of 4. We acted out finding a well, and we were supposed to be amazed. Then our next instruction was to lose something valuable down the well. We acted it out, and one of the groups dropped their  very expensive iPhone 6 and glasses and iPod and then someone  had to go down the well.

By Lucia and Rosie                                                                                                        

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Meadowmill Athletics

On Wednesday 25th May 2016 our selected pupils got the bus up to Meadowmill Sport Centre for an athletics competition. There were 8 events including 80m sprint, 150m sprint, tug of war, long jump, high jump, cricket ball throw, relay race and 600 sprint or run. We came 3rd in the tug of war, came 4th in the 80m sprint, 3rd in the 150m, 1st in 600m sprint and, for the girls, we came 1st in the 600m, 4th in the 80m, 5th in the 150m, and for our mixed relay we got disqualified. We don’t know where we came in the long jump or high jump or cricket ball throw. We are not too sure where we came in the overall results but were sure we did well.

Aidan and Craig

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