Jun 272017
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Earlier today a group of parents came to the class just as the children were getting ready to leave at the end of the afternoon. A package was presented to me and when I opened it, I think it’s fair to say I was absolutely gob-smacked! A drone, complete with HD camera, left me feeling pretty stunned!

To all who contributed to this amazing and wonderful present, I’d like to say a huge “Thank you!” So, so thoughtful and a present I will have huge pleasure getting to grips with over the summer holidays when I will try it out in Finland.

Thank you once again!!

Mr P

May 122017
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Despite some technical problems with our webcam conferencing software today (for the first time ever in over 10 years of using it!) we learned just after morning break that P4 had secured 17th place overall out of 33 participating countries in this year’s Schoolovision event.
Some of the children appeared a little disappointed – but they shouldn’t be, as they are ALL stars, and I think we should recognise the fact that in what was an extremely strong field, it’s always difficult to score points when only 10 countries receive votes from each partner country!

You can read the full results here.

Apr 182017
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Just before the Easter break, we made both a sound recording and shot footage for our 2017 entry to this Europe wide multi-award winning project which is based on the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, there are 33 countries taking part from Iceland in the far north west of Europe to Russia, Georgia and Armenia in the east and Turkey in the south east of the continent. All the participating schools are recording a song representing their own country, hoping to win the specially commissioned and engraved trophy which is currently on order from the trophy shop in Dunbar!
Yester’s P4 class are singing the Fischy Music children’s song “You Are a Star”, well known across the UK for its catchy lyrics, which celebrates the fact that all of us are stars in our own way.

Turn up the volume, set the video to HD and sing along with the P4s as they try to match or even beat our best ever placing of 3rd place way back in 2010! If you like the video, please comment here, as well as on the main Schoolovision site, as all positive comments could influence the voters (the children in all 36 other countries) who will also be watching the song before May 12th, when the results will be announced…

Meanwhile, if you wish to read a bit more about the history of the project since 2009 including about the prizes it has won, you can find details here.

As well as our entry, this brilliant “wrap-up” video shows all 33 participating countries’ entries alphabetically, in short clips!

Jan 112017
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Since 2011, Yester have been the Scottish representatives in a Europe-wide science-based project, the European Chain Reaction and this year for the first time, Mr Purves’ class managed to secure the services of a local drone owner, Gary Crowe from Dunbar, to help us in our quest to do as well as possible in the contest.
Around 30 countries are taking part, and the object for the pupils has been to create a class chain reaction, which is videoed and uploaded to the project blog.
Next week, all the pupils in all the countries will evaluate all the entries and vote for their overall favourites. The winning country will receive a specially engraved trophy.
We proudly present our 2017 entry. Please let us know if you like it!

Dec 202016
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P4 have been busy this last week preparing for their entry to the ECR 2017 – a Europe wide project run by the teacher we met last week via webcam from Belgium and myself, and involving primary schools from as many as 30 or more countries, who all create their own chain reactions, then upload them to the project blog, where in January all the videos will be evaluated by the pupils themselves in all countries, who will vote for their favourites.

Here, we have been filming using various cameras, including for the very first time a drone, which was at school earlier today to take some footage outside.
We plan to complete our filming inside before Thursday, and then it’ll be up to Mr Purves to edit the film to create our entry!

Meantime, we also created a short introductory “human chain reaction” today, which is also on the project blog.

Dec 142016
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This morning P4 took part in what was quite probably a unique project!

Together with pupils from Belgium and Germany, we met via a live webcam conference to remember the event 102 years ago at Christmas, during WW1, when soldiers from both sides laid down their arms and celebrated Christmas together, singing the song Silent Night.
All three schools took turns to sing a Christmas song of their choice to each other firstly.
The Belgian pupils sang O denneboom (O Christmas Tree), then the German pupils sang Kling Glockchen (Ring, Little Bell) and finally P4 sang When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney.

Belgium get ready to sing!

Belgium get ready to sing!

Then, we joined together to all sing Silent Night, one after another in our own language, which proved to be a really wonderful experience.

On the main Yester homepage, you can also watch the recording of the event.

Yester pupils singing.

Yester pupils singing.

Note: If you have any problems getting the link to work, please try this link here, and click where it says “Go to the Replay”. Note, this won’t work on a phone – it needs to be a laptop or a PC.

Dec 022016
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This morning we worked in groups of 4 to create a whole range of different circuits, using special Snap”n”Fix packs. Some of us lit bulbs, some managed to create working alarms, others worked on making helicopters, while some others also managed to create working electric motors. In all cases, we experimented and added switches to our circuits. Great fun!