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Since 2011, Yester have been the Scottish representatives in a Europe-wide science-based project, the European Chain Reaction and this year for the first time, Mr Purves’ class managed to secure the services of a local drone owner, Gary Crowe from Dunbar, to help us in our quest to do as well as possible in the contest.
Around 30 countries are taking part, and the object for the pupils has been to create a class chain reaction, which is videoed and uploaded to the project blog.
Next week, all the pupils in all the countries will evaluate all the entries and vote for their overall favourites. The winning country will receive a specially engraved trophy.
We proudly present our 2017 entry. Please let us know if you like it!

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  1. I enjoyed watching you “chain reaction” video. I think the music was well matched to the action and appreciated viewing the diversity of books on display – since they demonstrated diverse interests as they included books on race etc. The houmous touch at the end of the video was excellent. Congratulations to all for the obvious effort.

    Joseph Niven grandmother- Pam Austin


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