Fungi fun

Huge thanks to Nev Kilkenny for our fantastic woodland walk today and also to Mrs Cole for accompanying us.

It was so interesting to learn about the fungi in the woodland.

Zoe’s comment ‘I’m lichen (pronounced likin’) this, he’s a fun guy’ was hilarious!


Friday 5th May 2017

We have had  a great (short!) week in Primary 7.

In our writing work we were editing a piece of writing and improving it.

In our numeracy work this week we were doing revision of mental and written addition methods. We also started using our new High School jotters which have really small squares!

In our IDL work we have been completing our forests research and powerpoints. We were also finding out and expressing our opinions on the use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers. We are looking forward to our forests trips and woodland walk to learn more!

In our health work we have been discussing healthy eating advice and food groups. We categorised foods into the correct groups. We were also sharing our knowledge about people who have different diets for different reasons. We will continue with our healthy eating work next week.

I enjoyed Health and Wellbeing. By Amy

Please remember that on Tuesday all P7s will need a packed lunch and a full gym kit for our next transition visit to Knox Academy.

I’m really looking forward to the Knox transition. By Carys

I am enjoying doing PLT (personal learning time). By Taylor B

I enjoyed playing football in PE on Thursday. By Oliver


Friday 28th April

This week we had our transition day at Knox on Wednesday. This was a maths and numeracy day so we did lots of activities such as creating time posters, making a tower using paper, problem solving and a number relay.

I enjoyed the Numeracy transition. It was more fun than I expected! By Taylor D

I enjoyed when we went to Knox because it was a good experience seeing people who we will be in classes with. By Carys

I liked the Knox transition because it was fun. By Holle

I enjoyed Knox because I got to see all my old peers. By Taylor B

We also started our new topic on Living Forests this week. We have started to research different types of forests, then benefits of forests, what lives in forests and other interesting forest facts.

I liked starting our new topic because I like wildlife. By George

I liked it when Mrs Mercer went on the unicycle and then she fell! By Logan F

Friday 21st April

Welcome back to all of our P7 pupils after the Easter holidays. It is great to see everyone again as we start this final term at Yester.

We have been busy working on our Yearbook this week. The class have been composing pages for the yearbook about many different things including autobiographies, sports, memories and funny stories, Benmore and achievements / awards.

PC Johnson came in to visit yesterday to do the P7 drugs talk. It was really interesting to listen to all of the information and stories that she told us.

On Wednesday next week we will be going to Knox for our next transition visit. Please all remember you need to bring a packed lunch and should be in Yester uniform or P7 hoodies for the trip. We look forward to a full day of activities at Knox where we will get to meet and work with P7s from other schools too.

Happy Easter!

Thank you to all of the parents who managed to come to Parents’ Evening. It was great to see you all and share your children’s progress.

We have had yet another fantastic term in P7, here are some of our highlights…

I liked doing our writing this term because writing playscripts was fun. By Taylor D

I enjoyed playing with our P1 buddies. By Carys

I liked doing an egg hunt with our P1 buddies. By Holle

I enjoyed making our own silhouette pictures. By Jemma

At chess club I was happy because I learned how to beat someone in 4 moves! By Rorie

I liked doing our shadow performances. Everyone had a good image. By Taylor B

I liked Benmore because I overcame some fears. By Ali

I am looking forward to the Ultimate Warrior assault course today because it looks like fun! By Jenny

P7 Easter Bonnets!

Here we are having fun doing an egg hunt in the wildlife garden with our P1 buddies this morning!



P7 Silhouette Theatre

As part of our Light IDL, we have been looking at the work of ‘Attraction’ and thinking about how to use light and sound to enhance a performance.

We created storyboards for our ideas and selected music to accompany our performances.

This afternoon we set up our ‘screen’ and theatre light in the classroom.

Each group had the opportunity to perform their story along to their chosen music.

The silhouette performances were incredibly powerful. As usual, Primary 7 blew me away with their creativity, imagination and hard work. What a fantastic afternoon. Well done everyone!


Friday 23rd March

Everyone is looking very relaxed in P7 today in their pyjamas and red noses for Red Nose Day!

This week in P7 we have enjoyed working on our light and shadow presentations. We have drawn out storyboards and practised how we will create the shapes and we have also chosen music to accompany our performances. Next week we will have a go at performing them. We looked at some illusions that use light and dark to show 2 images in one. We have also been  listening to everyone’s light homework.

We enjoyed making foil characters and using a torch to create and draw the shadow.

We liked making our tinfoil men and also looking at the illusions. By Taylor D, Carys and Zoe

I liked making the foil man. By Jessica

In numeracy we have created some amazing fractions, decimals and percentages games which were fun to make and play.

P7 Science at Knox

We had a fantastic afternoon at Knox in the science lab! We were experimenting with light.

We tested out how to reflect beams of light and also how to split light using a prism. Some people even managed to reflect and split light in one go!

Huge thanks to Mr Easton for the afternoon and also to Rorie’s mum and Louisa’s mum for coming with us.


Friday 17th March

Another busy week in P7! We created and acted out our own playscripts this week. Congratulations to the Cross Country team who put in an amazing performance and won the small school competition.

We had a great afternoon at Knox yesterday. We enjoyed using the light equipment in the science lab to carry out experiments into how light travels, white light, the colour spectrum, how to reflect light and how light behaves when it travels through different shaped prisms.

I enjoyed Netball Club this week because the matches were fun. By Taylor B

I liked cross country because I was too hot, fell in a puddle, and then got nice and cold! By Zoe

I enjoyed the cross country because it was a big challenge! By Oliver

I enjoyed going to Knox because it is different and fun. By Holle

I enjoyed doing the experimenting at Knox. By George

I liked doing the Science at Knox and watching the Roy G Biv video. By Logan Z

I enjoyed working on my silhouette because I drew the Disney castle. By Taylor D

I enjoyed playing guitar in Music and also visiting Knox. By Carys

I liked acting out the playscripts because I thought it was really funny. By Jessica

I also enjoyed doing the playscripts. By Amy