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Over the past few weeks the tweenies have had lots of fun exploring the snow! We have had snow in the water tray, painted a giant snow cloud using white paint and shredded paper. We also made snow flakes from paper mache We have celebrated Cooper and Aaron’s birthdays who both turned two, happy birthday!! We also celebrated Burn’s Day by painting some bagpipes and gluing some lovely Scotland flags! We have had lots of fun exploring different textures such as gluck and playdough. We also have a new home corner, story corner and water tray and have had great fun investigating these areas. We have been looking at shapes and colours recently choosing one colour each week to learn.  This week we have been looking at the colour red using red water, red paint and red colouring tools. Finally we have also been talking about Chinese New Year the children got creative colouring in Yin the snake and making Chinese lanterns.


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