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We are very happy to announce the safe arrival of all three of our baby chicks. We would like to take this opportunity to Welcome Black Rose, Banana and Elmo into our room. We have been focussing on planting and growing over the last few weeks and have moved our vegetables from the pre-school room out to our vegetable patch in the front garden. We really hope we get some yummy vegetables to make soup soon! We have been getting creative making a large (and quite complex!) kite to fly in the windy weather. We are currently learning about frogs and tadpoles and are trying to source some frogspawn. The children are interested in road safety and are making good use of the resources in the garden to build roads. Finally we have been carrying out some science experiments with Heather to develop our investigation skills and have had a great time making balloon kebabs, frezzing water instantly and bouncing eggs! The children have demonstrated fantastic problem solving skills throughout these activities. Well done pre-school!


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