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We would like to welcome all of the new tweenies into the room some have just started at ABC and some have transitioned recently from the cruiser room we hope that they are all settling in well. We would also like to welcome Amy to the tweenie room who is a HNC qualified practitioner that will be covering maternity leave. Over the past few months the tweenies have been exploring lots of different textures, using our hands and feet to explore the texture of paint over a large surface of paper. We have also been exploring wet pasta in the water tray and discovering what we can do with dry pasta such as using it to  paint and glue. We have been developing our fine motor when using the pens, pencils and painting and demonstrating a pincer grip to the children. We are using metal spoons and bowls to transport and mix different materials such as flour and pasta which is developing our hand/eye co-ordination. The children are enjoying developing their confidence with their gross-motor-skills when outdoors using the climbing frame and slide in the garden alongside the balance beam and soft play and indoors we have been using the indoor mats for the children to practice rolling.

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