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In the cruiser room we would like to welcome Millie and Isla who have just started at ABC and Joshua and Finlay who are transitioning from the baby room.

In the cruiser room we have been learning about “Under the sea” as one of the children was at deep sea world and another has just bought some new fish! The children created some beautiful rainbow fish with paint using their hands and feet and lots of glitter. We have also had fish, boats, crabs and other sea animals in the water tray.

The children are continuing to grow and develop through their play. They have been demonstrating the characteristics of a variety of schemas such as transporting, enveloping, rotary, connection and dis-connection. This is a type of learning style that is age and stage appropriate for the cruiser age group. The staff have information booklets about this type of play if you would like to learn more and see if the children are demonstrating the same characteristics at home so that we can be better informed of what the cruiser children are interested in.

We are currently implementing Baby Sign into the cruiser room with the help and support from one of our families and so far it is going really well. The children are already able to sign the words “thank you” and “milk.” In the morning we encourage the children to sit for a short welcome in which we sing a song that helps to demonstrate our sign of the week.

We are very excited that the garden to the side of the nursery is ready to open and it will be used to allow the cruiser children the opportunity to have their own outdoor area that they share with the baby room.

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