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We would like to welcome Sonia and Meghan to the pre-school team.

The pre-schoolers have been learning about fire fighters we have been using our new fire fighter dressing up costumes for role play in the home corner. The children created a fire engine and they enjoyed using the big steering wheels to demonstrate their driving skills. We had a discussion about the role of a fire fighter and how they and other people help us which led to the children exploring what they would do if they were to get lost.

During a stay and play session the children were exploring the season of Autumn we were very lucky to have a parent come in and provide a fantastic music session with the children, singing songs and playing games that had links to the topic of Autumn. We then developed this interest further by creating some beautiful paintings and gluings using Autumnal colours and exploring the different shapes of the leaves we have seen.

The children have made their own version of “The Gruffalo.” Using their ideas and imaginations they created some drawings which they put together to make a story, which they then acted out their story to their friends. The children have continued extending this interest of telling stories to their friends by using the puppets for “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”

We are currently beginning discussions about feelings, Halloween and pirates which are all topics the children have displayed an interest in over the course of the last couple of weeks. We will be providing suitable learning opportunities which are relevant to what their interests are in these topics. We always welcome and appreciate parental input and resource ideas that can be used in the pre-school room. Any items that are given in by parents to enhance the children’s play and learning will be returned after use.

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