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We have been working on our gross motor skills which involved doing lots of climbing up and down on the crates in the garden and the soft play indoors. We have been working on our balance when using the crates as steps to climb onto the slide. Crusiers have been enjoying accessing their new garden at the front so they are able to go out more often and use the garden resources.

Cruisers have enjoyed listening to lots of nursery rhymes and dancing to music. We have been doing lots of action songs to encourage all the children to participate. Cruisers favourite is ‘sleeping bunnies’. We have also been using the summer house to use the larger musical instruments like the African drums and the xylophone.

To encourage Crusiers to turn take we have been setting up a variety of small activities where we encourage them to wait for their turn and to share with their friends. We have been setting out paper and pencils so children must wait till their is a space at the table for them to sit down and draw.

Cruisers have been using a variety of different sized and shaped hats which they have enjoyed dressing up in, they enjoy admiring themselves in the mirror.

We have still been encouraging children to join in with the baby sign, some children are confidently signing along with ‘milk’ and ‘food’.

We have been making Halloween pictures using black, orange and green paint. Using our gluing materials the children make their own spiders and pumpkins. We decided this year to let the children draw on the pumpkin which the staff then carved round to make a spooky pumpkin. Using peelings from vegetables we explored the different textures with our hands and feet. We made an orange cake and had lots of messy activities during the week; we explored mushy peas and jelly! We dressed up all week and had our Halloween party on the Friday where Crusiers enjoyed having a Halloween snack, we did lots of dancing and had a great party!

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