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Toddlers have talking about things that are related to winter. We have spoken about different animals that you might see out in the snow and looking at ice. We have explored the wooden arctic small world set where the children were able to role-play with the penguins, polar bears and seals. We have spoken about the temperature changing and how objects go from hot to cold.

We have been adding to our ‘dark nights’ display; creating glittering firework pictures and using different coloured paper to make bright pictures, we were all given a special note about how to stay safe near fireworks. Toddlers have been speaking about staying safe outside and road safety, we understand that we need to be visible to passing traffic and wearing reflectors can keep us safe.

Toddlers have began to implement sign along around the room, we are starting to use basic words like saying ‘more please’ and ‘thank you’.

We have been going out for more walks using the walk-o-dile; we have visited the local park and library.

Toddlers have enjoyed learning a new song;

I had a tiny turtle

His name was tiny tim

I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim

He drank up all the water

He ate up all the soap

And now he’s gone to bed with a bubble in his throat

Bubble! Bubble!! Bubble!!! POP!!

We have also began our Christmas crafts, we have made our calendars for ‘Cash for Kids’, our reindeers and reindeer dust with lots more still to come!

Our Christmas party is on Tuesday 16th December between 2.30-4pm. All children are welcome to attend!

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