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Toddlers have enjoyed turning their home-corner into a hairdressers, we enjoyed using the rollers, straighteners and role-played with the other resources to do our own hair. We also practiced on one of our teachers!

In the sand we have been building sand castles and transporting water from the water tray building a moat around the castle and filling it with water. We have been exploring the more heuristic sand toys. Looking at the variety of shells and looking at the shape and colour. In the water tray we have been looking at what objects sink and what objects float, we have been looking at different objects such as ping-pong balls, corks, stones and feathers.

At the writing table we have been using the whiteboards and magnetic letters to find the letters in our name. Our letter of the month is Aa and our number of the month is 5.

We have added a song basket into Toddlers which has a variety of our favourite nursery rhymes and sign along songs. Toddlers have also been exploring our new song bags which are filled with a song and some props which can we used to role-play as we are singing. Toddlers have been practicing our new songs called ‘hands on shoulders’.

Our story of the week was ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ we enjoyed reading the story at group time, using the different animal puppets to role-play with and make the animal noises. We also sang ‘Down in the jungle’.

In the construction corner we have brought in the ‘Wedgits’ building blocks which we have loved exploring and trying to build tall towers with the variety of sized blocks.

Toddlers enjoyed going through to the kitchen to make some cooked playdough developing their fine-motor skills and encouraging safety in the kitchen. For example that they need to be aware of the cooker and the oven in case they are hot also that we need to walk in the kitchen.

For our Burns display the children made their own tartan using a variety of coloured strips of paper, we practiced weaving the paper before we used glue to stick it to the paper. We used green and purple paint and made our own thistles looking at the example from a picture, toddlers also wanted to make their own traditional plate of haggis, neeps and tatties using different gluing materials. Toddlers were listening to Scottish music and doing lots of dancing. At snack time toddlers were able to try some shortbread and tablet which they all really enjoyed!

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