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We have got some new resources within the Tweenie room, we have decided to introduce soft play into the room permanently to encourage safe climbing within the room. Staff have been encouraging the children to take their shoes off and on when playing in the soft play area and promoting their independence by allowing them to do it themselves and placing their shoes in a safe place when they are off their feet. We have set a 3 children limit on the soft play to encourage them to wait and to take turns using the equipment.

Staff have set up a children’s interest wall beside our family tree so that the children and parents can see their currents interests. We are also encouraging parents to provide some input as to what their children are interested in at home.

With the weather being so cold staff have been talking to the children about the frost and snow. We have been encouraging the children to keep their hats and gloves on when playing outside.

Tweenies went on a trip to the library to choose some new books for our room. We have chosen books with the children’s interests in mind to help further these and to aid their next steps.

For our burns display the children used different coloured strips of paper and material to create beautiful pictures. The children enjoyed exploring porridge oats in the tray using their hands and mouths! The tweenies enjoyed scooping the oats and transporting them around the tray. For snack the children were allowed to try shortbread which they really enjoyed!

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