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The babies have been enjoying having stories read to them, especially ‘Hoppity Hop Bunny’ which has lots of peek-a-boo flaps for the babies to lift independently. The babies have also been playing peek-a-boo games in the room and outside in the den!
The children have a new messy area within the room and have loved being able to crawl into the water tray with ease, splashing each other in the process.
Many of the babies are now cruising and are enjoying being able to explore the room independently. They have been learning about colours and looking the window for passing cars to see the colours.

The Cruisers have been very interested in learning about the different sounds of farm animals. The children have explored the small world farm and staff have provided recordings of the animal sounds for them to press and listen to as an interactive wall!
They have also enjoyed making use of the back garden and using the mud kitchen, which has built on their transporting schema. The children use water to fill the various containers and mix this with mud. Also the Cruisers have taken a trip to the park to develop their gross motor skills and enjoy our local community.
Also the Cruisers have been introducing textures into their daily routine, such as pasta in the home corner and adding new resources to their heuristic area.

The Tweenies have been going for ‘Gruffalo hunts’ while out in the garden, placing the characters around the garden to be found by their friends.
The children have also been labelling their body parts and singing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ while pointing to the correct part of their body!
Also the Tweenies have been building on their gross motor skill while out in the garden. They have used both the small and large balancing beam to practice their balance. Some of the children have spent time doing this independently.
The Tweenies are working on their colour recognition and are incorporating this into their daily routine, through snack time and tooth brushing.
The Toddlers have shown an interest in The Gruffalo story and have brought in game cards to develop their listening skills, while also making the animal sounds from the story.
Some of the children have shown an interest in babies, so dolls have been added to the home corner for the children to take care of. They are able to dress the dolls and ‘feed them’.
Also the children have been interested in mini beasts and have created a new display in their room. The children created some art work, making butterflies and lady birds using their hands and feet to paint!
The Toddlers have also been working on their listening skills and incorporating this into the morning welcome and in group times.

The Pre-school have been learning about shapes, using triangle, square, rectangle and circle shaped paper in both the messy and quiet rooms. they have used this to glue and paint on as well as making marks with chalk and pencils. The children have been making full use of the light table by putting sensory shapes on and labelling them with the correct name to develop on their writing skills.
The children have also created dinosaur collages using cut out pieces of paper!
In the Pre-school room they have been practicing their mathematical skills with a new ‘Bus trip’ game by rolling dice, and counting how many spots are on them.
The children have also been busy setting up beautifully decorated CD’s for their reflection area as well as stars to hang too. Also adding some heuristic objects, such as wooden objects and household items, to their construction area!

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