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The babies have been busy feeling the texture of gluck and allowing it to run through their fingers. They were using the spoons to scoop up the gluck and pour it into bowls.
The children have also been using soft play to develop their confidence in balance and climbing skills. They are becoming independent and beginning to manage the big movements they are doing.
Babies are also bringing in lots of texture activities, such as, spiked shapes for rolling and bouncing and including dry and wet foods in their play.
The baby room have also got new friends joining their room and visiting at present.
The Cruisers have welcomed Charlie and Caitlyn into the room, who are both settling in well!
They are currently making their room more interactive, using talking spots with animal sounds and one of the parents has kindly recorded songs for the song wall.
The children are making use of both gardens while being outdoors, particularly enjoying the mud kitchen – exploring, digging, filling and pouring.
In the sand tray the cruisers have been exploring textures, pasta and lentils for transporting into the home corner. Also the water tray is a favourite at the moment!
Some of the older children are starting their transition to the Tweenie room, they will be missed very much.

The Tweenies have been developing their social skills doing a lot of group activities, such as drawing, painting and making play doh. This is helping to develop on sharing and turn taking as well.
The staff have also started to send ‘Kipper the do’ home as a reward for having a great day. They are also reading ‘Kipper’ stories while at nursery.
The children have been enjoying some Autumn walks to collect leaves to bring back to nursery. Also the children and staff have been collecting donations from local businesses for our charity coffee morning, while also raising awareness about the local charities.

The Toddlers have been learning about ‘People who help us’ after taking an interest in fire engines, police cars and ambulances. The children made a display to put art work about what they had learnt, showing the skills they were using.
The children have changed the home corner into a shop, bringing in milk cartons,, tins, boxes of cereal and much more! They enjoyed using money to ‘buy’ things too.
The toddlers have been using various dry goods for transporting, such as pasta, rice and lentils as well as sand. Using different sized bowls to fill and measure in. On an Autumn walk the children collected sticks and leaves which they decorated and hung around the room.

Pre-school have been learning about Autumn, we explored pinecones, discussing the smell and texture. They painted pictures and placed them on our display. The children explored the pinecones in the water tray and sand. Pre-school have used their hands to create hedgehog pictures and Autumn trees – painting their arms and then their fingers as leaves. While out for a walk, the Pre-school decided to make a tally chart of all the leaves they saw.
Recently the children have started doing football on a Thursday and are playing the group games throughout the week to build on team work and follow instructions.
The children have also been exploring their sense of smell whilst creating play doh using nutmeg and cinnamon. The children are also enjoying sign along and have learnt the sign for ‘finished’ and ‘good morning’. Staff are looking at ways to implement a sign of the week so that parents can participate at home.

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